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Call of Duty Zombies moments that really prepare you for black ops cold war...

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I AM WILDCAT photo 1 Call of Duty Zombies moments... I AM WILDCAT photo 2 Call of Duty Zombies moments... I AM WILDCAT photo 3 Call of Duty Zombies moments... I AM WILDCAT photo 4 Call of Duty Zombies moments...

"This map doesn't have pumpkin I'm leaving"

Vannos playing CoD for years

Change my mind they have pumpkins

by SMKE 7 hours ago

Who else misses nogla screaming at his mic when he gets scared

by Rocky Gaming 7 hours ago

“Did a p.e.d.o make this map?”
everyone looks at miniladd

by Hunter Lee 6 hours ago

“You got gun I got gun what kind gun got Dingo” -WildCat

by Chubbs 7 hours ago

"Im exided to be spooked" says wildcat

by Keith jr 7 hours ago

Vanoss played this same map in Killing Floor years ago lol

by Keyes Chimicomics 5 hours ago

Can I just say I have never heard vannos so angry when he killed that zombie and he said fuck so aggressively loll

by Travis Stevenson 6 hours ago

“I got gun
You got gun
What kinda gun

by RickyG 4 hours ago

Imagine watching call of duty zombies then getting this notification. Might be me

by CodeName Tree 7 hours ago

Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day

by A & J THE YOUTUBERS 7 hours ago

I remember the og killing floor vids😔

by Owen Honey 7 hours ago

I never heard Vanoss have much anger in his voice before it really is spooky season

by nick Burgess 4 hours ago

“What gun you got got dingo”

by TD Phoenix 7 hours ago

I can't believe you guys actually saved this for two years! And y'all knew about Cold War, that's crazy man

it's a joke

by Percy Goodbeard 2 hours ago

wildcat: posts
me: hi hello im here

by Micah Grotte 7 hours ago

I literally watched the video of Tyler saying "What kinda gun I got? I got dingo" Earlier, Crazy coincidence.

by Skarecrows 7 hours ago

Just realized this is the map they played on killing floor from 2014

by Jonavan Padilla 7 hours ago

Can't wait to see you play cold war zombies! Its going to be so fun!

by WaydaMinute 7 hours ago

i love you guys, you all always make me laugh :)) have a great day bae

by Jadyn mcadams 7 hours ago

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