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Among Us but with 3x player speed... (it's stupid)

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I AM WILDCAT photo 1 Among Us but with 3x... I AM WILDCAT photo 2 Among Us but with 3x... I AM WILDCAT photo 3 Among Us but with 3x... I AM WILDCAT photo 4 Among Us but with 3x...

That was probably the fastest 12 minutes I’ve ever seen

by 3xoticJohn 1 month ago

If Evan doesn’t guess the right person, then you know he's the Impostor.

by Bitter Butter Bro 1 month ago

Vanoss: Exposes the imposter

Everyone: "It's Evan"

by Nishikima 1 month ago

The title should have been "Among Us On CRACK!".

by Stone Guard52 1 month ago

I liked the 15 seconds voting

"I found a body, it's in there, everyone vote Marcel"
Marcel got ejected
It's over

by Ahmad Sattout 1 month ago

vanoss’ next title, “my friends don’t know me again and everything’s faster”

by lxst.dakota 1 month ago

“Among us but we all play with the same name” 🤔

by Bonk Ripper 1 month ago

This looks amazing. I really enjoy seeing the guys have a lot of fun.

by Deltora 1 month ago

Speed is key
- Jacksepticeye 2012

by Zaddahar 1 month ago

It's over Jolyne, I've accelerated! I'm infinitely fast!

[M A D E I N H E A V E N]

by King Nightshade 1 month ago

I love how much Evan has been playing this game with you guys lately. Looking forward to next stream!

by Captain Pancake 1 month ago

This is why drinking too much caffiene is a good thing when playing. Because everything speeds up

by OwO 1 month ago

my stepsister:

by Shxve 1 month ago

I've been noticing that everyone uses the onscreen buttons to do stuff but no one really knows about keyboard hotkeys.
Tab: Opens/closes your map
Q: Kill (only as impostor of course)
E/Space: Interact but as impostor, if not around an interactable item it opens up the sabotage map.
R: Is to report a body
You're welcome :)

by Number1S0n 1 month ago

Kryoz: it wasn't me
Kryoz get ejected, it was me

by Rell Gaming 1 month ago

He got caught, rage quit and called everyone trash when he did the most trash play you hate to see it

by SourPatchKid Hidalgo 1 month ago

Tyler legit has one of the best Minnesotan accents I've ever heard

by Oogey Woogey 1 month ago

Tyler “I never get imposter”
Also Tyler: was imposter for 3 games

by Jorge Tec 1 month ago

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