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Among Us 3000 IQ impostor plays with Connor...

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I AM WILDCAT photo 1 Among Us 3000 IQ impostor... I AM WILDCAT photo 2 Among Us 3000 IQ impostor... I AM WILDCAT photo 3 Among Us 3000 IQ impostor... I AM WILDCAT photo 4 Among Us 3000 IQ impostor...

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by WILDCAT 7 months ago

Connor trying to talk. . . Wildcat: Not now honey, the adults are talking

by Anthony Bolanos 7 months ago

Connor: absolutely murders someone
body reported
Connor: “WHERES THE BODY??!!”

by Jack Crowley 7 months ago

Damn Connor really hit myth with the “SHUSH”

by FatBoiShawn 7 months ago

Connor is officially a teenager when adults don’t worry about cursing around him

by BIG MACK HEARTATTACK 7 months ago

can’t wait to hear him when he’s older

by BatKnight 7 months ago

It’s gonna be weird when connor’s voice drops

by Sir Dingus 7 months ago

He’s back I remember when the played fortnite with him

Edit: he’s thirteen now!

by ツbigger bean 7 months ago

Title: has Connor
Everyone: "Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time"

by hanbino 1234 7 months ago

Everyone: Nogla is allways leaking the code Jack: are you challenging me

by Spencer Andresen 7 months ago

You just can’t win a game when wildcat is imposter. He is big brain😂🔥

by Dead Fox 7 months ago

Everybody: its conner
Conner: its not me
skipped vote
Connor: can you vote me i have to us the bathroom

by Rell Gamer 7 months ago

I can't wait until Connor is 14, when he'll try to start swearing when he's pissed. It'll be funny as hell

by smoking_pat 7 months ago

Con- it’s not Class I can confirm he’s in the clear

*Also Con voting out class *

by duellegend71 7 months ago

Ngl cried when Vega came up and knighted a mod

by Peter Adamski 7 months ago

To the person reading this: you’re beautiful and don’t let anyone bring you down 💗💗💗💗

by Nissi’s Life 7 months ago

I love how cat big brains on a child !

Nobody is safe from the cat strats!

by duellegend71 7 months ago

I lost it when connor said “where’s the body” and someone said “where you left it “😂😂😂😂

by Isaiah Maldonado 7 months ago

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