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Brad Mondo Made Me Dye My Hair

#at home hair dye #gone wrong #transformation #purple hair #Howto & Style
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Hyram photo 1 Brad Mondo Made Me Dye... Hyram photo 2 Brad Mondo Made Me Dye... Hyram photo 3 Brad Mondo Made Me Dye... Hyram photo 4 Brad Mondo Made Me Dye...

Brad: Get this on FAST because it processes quickly
Hyram: stands having a whole ass picnic conversation with us

by Anya Morris 1 month ago

hyram: “acetone”
me: “😦”
hyram: “dish soap”
me: “😲”
hyram: “a scrub”
me: “😱”

by Jena Moosa 1 month ago

Hyram: sends brad pictures of hair he likes

Brad: “wheres the flAvor?“

by Brooke Yerger 1 month ago

Hyram: makes an apology for using dish soap
The apology: is better than the apologies from most of the makeup industry's apologies

by Jayden Brookins 1 month ago

Honestly beauty youtube is the most toxic community ever (don't get me started on the whole James Charles, Jeffrey Star, Tati, Shane etc. disaster) . . .

. . . and then you've got these two sweethearts just giving us good wholesome advice and being super positive. Agh I love this friendship so much!! Don't ever change Hyram x

by Lucy 1 month ago

The hair legend and skin legend have come together again. Now balance will be restored

by Genegua 1 month ago

If these two dated, this couple would BREAK the internet.

by Emma Sofie 1 month ago

“You look like a sexy grape” I’m laughing at this too much 😂💀 Was she wrong tho 👀

by Namjoons Lotion 1 month ago

Imagine if they got married, their child would have the best hair and skin omg

by Hotdog Fried 1 month ago

Brad: get. it. on. FAAAST
Hyram: paints each individual strand

by Kitty Kat 1 month ago

"I- I used acetone"
: bruh😦
"I went in with dish soap"
: dude😧
"b-but then that wasn't enough so I went in with a scrub🙊🙆‍♂️"
... And then I cracked up laughing so hard 😂

by Queen k 1 month ago

“Stabby thing on the back of this brush”
*uses comb to part hair *

by Kanico 1 month ago

brad: hyram ur inspo is too bland, too boring, we need some COLOR

also brad: has the same hair as inspo

by madison park 1 month ago

oh my gosh, if hyram has white hair, he literally looks like jack frost lajdsfakjsdhf

by eloi 1 month ago

Other creators: running away from cancel culture
Hyram: Don’t forget to cancel me on your way out 😊

by Dia 1 month ago

Hyram literally is the cutest human.. like anyone else just think he’s absolutely adorable? 🥺❤️

by Grace Rascher 1 month ago

Me: “aCeToNe?”

Hyram: “ACETONE”


also me: “wait you used wha-“

by Abigail Louise 1 month ago

The color reminds me of a purple Elmer's glue stick😂

by May Rose 1 month ago

This friendship is everything I ever needed and more.

by Dena Barton 1 month ago

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