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Machine Gun Kelly freestyle @G-Eazy on Funk Master Flex Show

#Rap diss #MGK #Funk Master Flex #Machine Gun Kelly #Music
MGK rollin on a sick beat on the Funk Master Flex show... listen at ur own risk!
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Huey Le photo 1 Machine Gun Kelly freestyle @G-Eazy... Huey Le photo 2 Machine Gun Kelly freestyle @G-Eazy... Huey Le photo 3 Machine Gun Kelly freestyle @G-Eazy... Huey Le photo 4 Machine Gun Kelly freestyle @G-Eazy...

Is anyone else just like inexplicably obsessed with this???

by Carmen 8 months ago

Love or hate this dude, just remembered he's the only one who got balls to diss Eminem.

by Irsyaz man 2 weeks ago

This dude just released the best pop punk album and this is his roots

You gotta respect that fo sho

by rrroju 2 weeks ago

lyrically MGK rips G Eazy apart, he made g eazy make a whole diss track while mgk murdered him with like 4 bars lol

by Tim Kruse 6 months ago

I love the fact that you can see him get more and more mad the more he spits and makes him spit that much harder

by Joshua Watkins 6 months ago

“He ain’t know I’m in the room with 20 goons and J Prince now I’m PISSED

Someone calm this man down.

by Indigo Child 1 month ago

Got a call, my life was being threatened by a pimp, he ain’t know i was in the room with 20 goons and J. Prince, now I’m pissed 😤🔥

by whosrobert 1 year ago

If you listen this 2-3 times , you will realise this is one of the hardest freestyle of the century

by TILAK DAHAL 2 weeks ago

When the beat stopped that was so dope. I'm sleeping on MGK yeesh

by Og Andretti 3 months ago

some of his 'freestyles' are better than his actual songs .. some

by Jaime Worrell 1 month ago

I wasn’t convinced... until I heard “I was chillin now im back to being a villain in this bitch”😩

So simple yet so powerful! Kudos!

by TheCatsMeow 8 months ago

“Ima lambo you a Nissan” can’t cap that was a bar

by D0N DI3GS 2 weeks ago

I’ve honestly listened to this so many times. I love it.

by Lee Wickham 7 months ago

Ppl can hate all they want cuz he went after em. But this man can rap.

by Dalton Everett 3 weeks ago

Bruh why i feel like mgk going harder since he dissed em 😂😂 steeping up the par

by Johnny Died 2 years ago

This is an actual freestyle, he has some written memorized but u can tell it's off the top.

by David Cooper 3 months ago

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