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How Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Should Have Ended

#Peter Parker #how it should have ended #Spider-Man #ending explained #Film & Animation
How Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Should Have Ended
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Guest Voice: Chase Mack as Miles Morales
Original Music By Ben Garcia (aka the no narrating kid)
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"Your french fry is exactly what everybody wants. Delicious." Got that right.

by Gan Khef 9 months ago

Points to Kevin Conroy Batman
“You’re french fry is exactly what everyone wants, it’s perfect.”
Truer words have never been spoken.

by Brendan Parr 8 months ago

Ha! Lego Batman is on the table.

by WilliamTurk 9 months ago

“you sound so familiar” Nicholas cage had a cancelled superman movie, and he plays spiderman noir

by drerod89 8 months ago

Spider-verse’s ending was perfect the way it is.

by Daniel Sambar 1 year ago

Best one. Seeing him fly up that fast and then apply the “WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” like how the movie did makes me laugh every time.

by STH151NicoleFan 7 months ago

Batman should’ve said to Original Batman, “You’re like a prototype batman, like a fry before it was fried”

by Smiling Cheese 4 months ago


“ l-uh thank you for your bravery”

by its_Lyra 9 months ago

“What if the other you gets super pissed and vows revenge”
“That’s not gonna happen”
portal opens
“You I kill you”
screams best!

by Suhaib Ali 9 months ago

I love how absolutely horrified and upset the wife and kid are in the framed picture

by enip284 2 weeks ago

Pretty Much Every Reference I Found While Upon Watching
1. The entire opening is a compilation of every single How It Should Have Ended logo.
2. The flipping comic pages is compiled with shots from previous Spider-Man How It Should Have Ended.
3. The date on the comic book, 2005, is a reference to the date of the very first How It Should Have Ended. The title was; "How The Lord Of The Rings Should Have Ended".
4. At you can see Captain America, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch on the subway.
5. A grown-up version of the exact same kid at the beginning of How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended. You may remember him for trying to get Spider-Man to not narrate, which he reenacts.
6. Look closely at Miles' backpack straps. It's a weird shape, but if you make it out, it's a sticker of Batman sipping coffee.
7. The same guy from almost every Superhero How It Should Have Ended who tells people what they should do instead for better planning. He makes his very first appearance in How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended.
7. I didn't want to point this out but at the picture is of The Eye of Sauron.
8. At Superman asks Spider-Man Noir why he sounds so familiar. This is a reference to Spider-Man Noir's voice actor, Nicolas Cage, who has already been in many, many B-Movies. That's why he sounds so familiar.
9. At look closely at the table and you can see Lego Batman. Funny thing, I never noticed this upon first viewing.
10. At Batman Beyond shows up. A reference to the Movie Batman Beyond.
11. Throughout the credits, Daniel Baxter covers his original song, "He's A Spider-Man" from How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended.

by will kenny 7 months ago

“He’s kind of in a transitional period.”
“Ugh, I know those onions...”
“I swear you sound so familiar.”


by SomethingTwice 4 months ago

Superman: "I swear you sound so familiar” Spider Noir: i du kno

by parallax 8 months ago

“Here’s a bright idea...” the best hishe character ever lol

by Nicholas Bouchard 4 months ago


Also. Everyone is obsessed with the kid but I love the scientist who always makes sure the villain doesn’t leave something open/unattended/whatever to produce a supervillain

by weirmermaid33 8 months ago

I know that was gonna happen imagine if he acctually did that 😭😭

by W J 3 months ago

Kingpin: You don’t understand. I had a family, that makes it OK to break the laws of reality! I’m not a bad person.

by Gustavo Villegas 7 months ago

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