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Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights! | The Reel

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Jason Williams, aka 'White Chocolate', joined Omar Raja to react to his most MEMORABLE plays and highlights throughout his NBA career, including the legendary elbow pass..
MORE NBA Players Reacting To Highlights โ†’ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_HppZy-GwSxlLLtuZyGds5f22Nzq1iLN
Randy Moss โ†’ 0:08-2:30
Crossover on Gary Payton โ†’ 2:57-4:24
Philly BTB โ†’ 4:43-5:22
Flashy in the Bay โ†’ 6:24-6:43
Faking Out Iverson โ†’ 8:16-8:36
Bibby on Skates โ†’ 8:54-9:33
The Elbow Pass โ†’ 12:06-12:48
International Elbow Pass โ†’ 13:02-13:09
Bullet to Peja โ†’ 14:07-14:28
John Stockton โ†’ 16:02-16:30
Dime to Webber โ†’ 17:56-18:08
Behind the Head โ†’ 19:40-20:00
Pacers x Passing โ†’ 21:02-21:30
Lakers โ†’ 22:00-23:25
Bounce Pass vs. Suns โ†’ 23:44-24:12
The Rondo โ†’ 24:17-25:12
Poster Dunk โ†’ 25:15-25:36
Game-Breaker โ†’ 26:40-27:00
Miami Heat Champs โ†’ 28:18-31:50
Lobs in China โ†’ 33:00-33:20
Intramural Icon โ†’ 33:45-34:14
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House of Highlights photo 1 Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts... House of Highlights photo 2 Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts... House of Highlights photo 3 Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts... House of Highlights photo 4 Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts...

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by House of Highlights 1 year ago

Such a good dude. I pulled the elbow pass off in one of my high school games.....the next day I lost my virginity. Thank you Jason. Thank you

by Brandon Black 1 year ago

i love his energy... he's like a sober weed smoker

by OG Moonie 11 months ago

"Jason, what's the meaning of life?"

"Like I said, I just spent hours in the gym practicing my passing."

by whobitmyname 4 months ago

White chocolate is so sincere. His honestly is refreshing as hell. How he kept speaking to how much he practiced and team over the individual...dope. Really like this dude

by Ndea Monk 5 months ago

He is the epitome of confidence without arrogance. Love this guy.

by Jon Hohensee 1 year ago

This guy made sure not 1 fan was cheated out of their money. Players today are like robots compared to Jwills game

by 1000 % 11 months ago

This dude is real, honest, no ego at all and really loves basketball. I know if I was him Iโ€™d trash talk everyone in the court lol

by j. apg 1 month ago

"Trust me, I wish I woulda played in this era too." - Jason Williams thinking about $$$$$$$$ ๐Ÿคฃ

by Jing Qi 1 year ago

Imagine watching yourself from 20 years ago and being asked by some casual fan, "So, what were you thinking here?"

by Aaron S. Baker 1 month ago

Easily one of the most underrated players in 2000s.

by Abu Hassan 1 year ago

โ€œImagination is slept on nowadaysโ€๐Ÿคฏ white chocolate right thuurr

by Joe P 2 months ago

Could you imagine him going to deliver you a package and the guy crosses you over goes into your house and locks your door and scores on your wife...

by Brandon Jennisch 2 months ago

Wait...wait... This man balled out with Randy Moss? That's legendary within itself.

by Marquis Benton 1 month ago

Nobody is gonna acknowledge the sick scissor kick on that sweet floater after that freezing crossover??

by 6Lilies6Phillies 1 year ago

I loved when he said he would love to be a FedEx driver.... he just loves to deliver

by Kaos Pat 1 year ago

โ€œThese kids today just donโ€™t know how to play brahโ€

by Ted Jordan 1 year ago

His personality perfectly represents his playing style, heโ€™s very confident yet extremely humble, confident in his passes but humble enough to like dishing the ball like no other

by Dylan brotatoes 5 months ago

He's one of my favorite point guard that played the game.

by Joe Joe 10 months ago

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