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Things Get Awkward & Kodak Black Walks Out Of The Interview

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Kodak Black sat down with Ebro in the Morning for a good converation about his music, Cardi B's success of "Bodak Yellow," XXXTentaction, and his pending case. Things get a bit awkward towards the end when he decides to walk out of the interview..
His album 'Dying To Live' will be released Friday, December 14.
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HOT 97 photo 1 Things Get Awkward & Kodak... HOT 97 photo 2 Things Get Awkward & Kodak... HOT 97 photo 3 Things Get Awkward & Kodak... HOT 97 photo 4 Things Get Awkward & Kodak...

So did y'all ask Mike Tyson that anytime he's been on Hot97?

by xChaseMoney 1 year ago

When he said “you ain’t gon tell me what to talk on my show” made me laugh. People watch the show for the rapper and what the rapper has to say, NOT him lmao. He ain’t no star. He just a man asking questions.

by Jayy98 1 year ago

Ebro the type of dude they kill on gta

by Opp Nation 1 year ago

Ebro lucky that Kodak was the bigger person and chose to walk out

by Yvng OG 1 year ago

Bald dude seemed actually interested in Kodak and his music , Ebro didn’t give af from the jump .

by justin yelverton 7 months ago

This would have been a good interview if Ebro wasn’t there

by ImH0rñÿ 7 months ago

No respect for the artist you need them they don’t need you

by El Jefe 1 year ago

Do you believe the moon landing was real?
Kodak: wtf yal talkin bout 😂😂

by u 9 1 year ago

I haven’t watched a single hot 97 interview since this one, gonna stay that way too

by 5inister MM _ 1 year ago

Ebro forgets that a lot of these rappers are criminals and he needs to be careful who he disrespects before he leaves the studio late one night and gets rolled up on and smoked

by Tza 1 year ago

I don’t like how they was talking to him 🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

by NAMII’ BEAUTE 11 months ago

The way he sang his song was so disrespectful

by SirCharles246 1 year ago

This whole interview he has been disrespecting this dude. Like trying to provoke him to act out of pocket but it backfired lol

by Michael Garcia 1 year ago

Yall don't like kodak yet y'all invited him to interview

by Ak Vibez 6 months ago

The way Ebro was singing his song was like he was tryna insult him

by Jesse Davalos 1 year ago

Whole time they was sneak dissing idk who else caught that??

by Nathan Cross 1 year ago

Ebro is tough when someone walks away

by Mitchell 1 year ago

"I mean my kid ain't listening to it anyway" man wtf wrong w Ebro

by Daniel Pixton 9 months ago

Who’s here in 2020 still can’t believe ebro try play kodack like that

by Itsabbas123 Abbas 8 months ago

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