Hopsin - Kumbaya

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Hopsin's new single KUMBAYA available everywhere, https://ffm.to/kumbaya
Follow Hopsin, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hellohopsin
Instagram: hopsin
Twitter: hopsin
Website: http://www.undercoverprodigy.com
Produced By Hopsin
Shot By George Orozco
Filmed in Phuket, Thailand.

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This dude was loyal to himself all this years. We all should respect this.

Great flex with elephants though!

by Jumpace Beats 1 month ago

Our lives won’t be complete without hearing Eminem ft. Hopsin one day

by MANISAUCNILS 3 weeks ago

50% Elephants
50% Meditation
100% Bars
200% Bodies off the market.

by Strange 1 month ago

Elephants: glad i have big ears , this dude got some bars.

by Neo 1 week ago

other rappers: flexing with money

hopsin: flexing with elephants

by crunchy thatmunchy 2 days ago

I used to be a fan but after this masterpiece I’m a whole air conditioner

by The Cool Kar 1 month ago

Something is wrong with hip hop - this should be crushing it

by Matt Walker 4 weeks ago

Someone tell these motherf*rs Hop is Back!

by Max Brouwer 1 month ago

Most slept on and underrated artist in the world...but as long as Hop is living and happy Im happy for him.

by CyoUNxtTuesdayy 2 days ago

Everybody gangsta till hopsin spit bars after living in the jungle for several weeks

by reece kertel 3 weeks ago

Other rappers: have expensive cars and shit

Hopsin: lemme get some elephants

by Ryan Beats 1 month ago

Eminem, Joyner and Hopsin needs to give us one dope track together in this century.

by Marcus Felix 2 weeks ago

"talking like the guy from Boston watch me rise to top 10"
Assuming you're talking about Henry Hill the character Goodfellas was based on who was a snitch and eventually was in fbi's top 10 most wanted is a line most people probably wouldn't get but it's dope as hell

by Henry Nguyen 1 day ago

Is noone going to comment on how NASTY this beat is? Especially at the end holy shit.

by Pix 1 week ago

Meanwhile, your "illest" rapper Blueface can't even rap on beat.. Yet topping charts and gems like this ain't. The f is wrong with the world?? Hopsin❤️❤️

by Mcneece Wangui 2 weeks ago

Other rappers: look at my Ferrari
Hopsin: look at my elephants

by Tom Darippa 1 month ago

Other rappers: gimme Bugatti’s and Lamborghinis, nude pretty girls, and a mansion
Hopsin: Elephants and contacts

by LA and JV 2 days ago

His attitude, his charisma, his flow, his techniques, his choice of words... Marcus, you're a national treasure to hiphop. I'm not into rap generally, but you along with a handful other rappers is what makes this genre slick.

by Marcus Thorén 4 weeks ago

Never heard his songs. Just saw the name on a meme page account and decided to look up his stuff. He's amazing af

by Elyaguara 3 weeks ago

Who is here after rumors of him doing collab with NF

by Gerald Wesley 2 weeks ago

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