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BTS ignoring big hit's rules: a jinful compilation

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A lot of hair dye lol. This is a compilation i made of bts not giving a shit about bighits rules, just waiting for jinhit at this point. I would love it if yall could sub and just watch it tbh :')
***I do NOT own any of these clips and any of these songs except the editing***
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hopemonod photo 1 BTS ignoring big hit's rules:... hopemonod photo 2 BTS ignoring big hit's rules:... hopemonod photo 3 BTS ignoring big hit's rules:... hopemonod photo 4 BTS ignoring big hit's rules:...

“Drinking alcoholic beverages is to disinfect my throat!”
Jin the doctor 😂😂😂

by Min Yoongichu 1 year ago

Jungkook: Dying my hair by myself
Jin: That's my boi... I raised you well!

by BTS My Universe 9 months ago

Bighit : sees that bts broke rules
Also Bighit : Happily makes an episode about it

by Frédéric Chopin 11 months ago

Jin talking about how the staff had a meeting and ended up agreeing with him gives me life..

by A V M 7 months ago

Bang PD : “Okay listen kiddos, --- is forbid—”

Jin: “Did you hear something?”
BTS: “Nah, not really...”
TxT: “Same here.”

Bighit Staffs : "..."

by Alexia Cortez 2 months ago

Jin and Jimin: we cant drink on vlive

Jungkook: drinks wine

by Melanie Castanon 1 year ago

bighit: no
TXT: but Jin-hyung said when they tell you no do it anyways
jin from the other room: THATS MY BOI!

by HEY STOB IT 7 months ago

imagine having a whole one hour discussion on whether you'll let someone color their hair lmaooo

by f 6 months ago

bighit: has a meeting about jin dying his hair

meanwhile, jungkook: hmm yes i shall dye my hair

by oh ok 7 months ago

Rules: exist

Jin: who are you? why are you here? who made you? I absolutely don't know who you are. So, you are dead to me, bye bye.

by AMS cartoon videos 1 week ago

Bighit: has rules
Jin: I’m going to ruin this whole mans career.

by AmericanGirlForever 7 months ago

Jimin: "Don't drink alcohol on v-live"
me being 13 years old-" Jimin, he's a grown man let the man do what he wants we don't care"

by Tae-hyungies 4 months ago

“We can’t drink wine!”
Jungkook + J-Hope : surprised Pikachu face

by Nono_Berri 1 month ago

Jin: Cuts some of his hair
Me: What are you doing!!! D:
Jin Oh- I can see well, I can see well
Me: Dies of luaghter

by Tyla Leatinuu 4 months ago

"I don't follow what the agency says"

The agency team seeing this: 👁️👄👁️

by ღ •Seokjin•ღ 3 weeks ago

while bighits staff having a serious meeting about their rules

Jin: aight imma head out

by Jimins Luscious Booty 9 months ago

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