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How to Organize Your Files with Freedom Filer Filing System

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Overwhelmed by piles of paper clutter? Watch my 10-part paper clutter video series here: https://www.alejandra.tv/organize-paper-clutter/
Get the Freedom Filer Here: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/color-coded-filing-system/
I've tried a LOT of filing systems to contain my papers and documents and this system is the BEST. I've been using it for over three years and never plan to change it. The maintenance is super easy, the setup is simple and the colors make it extremely fast to find the document you are looking for. Because of this system, I don't dread the filing process :) PLUS, its more fun instead of plain manilla folders!
FTC: All products shown in this video were purchased by me! The product link above is an affiliate link! All opinions are mine!

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Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv photo 1 How to Organize Your Files... Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv photo 2 How to Organize Your Files... Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv photo 3 How to Organize Your Files... Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv photo 4 How to Organize Your Files...

Hi. While I love your organizing videos, and I love the way you organize these files... I just wanted to point out that its good practice to keep any "permanent" files/documents [such as passports, birth/death/marriage certificates] in a metal fire proof container. That way, if you have a house fire, your documents are more likely to survive!! I have a similar filing system to you, but I have a metal box file too, in which I keep my valuable documents, which would be hard to replace if lost.:)

by ScribbleBee 7 years ago

Hi, where can I find that organizing roller thingy? haha :)

by Pina C 7 years ago

Alejandra, I really enjoy this set up. However, I went paperless two years ago with all of my documents. What do you think of that paradigm?

by Tamsone Barley 5 years ago

I love how you keep saying "Super Easy" everytime. Simply inspiring. LoL

by Faradesi Ardialisa 7 years ago

Relevant info starts here

by troy vi 6 years ago

I need to discipline myself and adapt some kind of system. Right now my system is "pile of crap i got in December" etc haha its just in a pile on the desk...random box...floor etc :(

by Andi Cee 8 years ago

Hello, Could you do another Freedom Filer video. Could you possibly go in a bit more detail on how to manage the system and what items/documents to contain in what sections.
I would be great full if you could go in dept more in the financial section

by JBPT12341234 6 years ago

thx . . also I am converting tons of work into digitized form. I use a neat app to manage my files.. Google for FolderChanger.

by Tiffani Pufee 11 months ago

Я ни слова не понимаю на вашем языке, но я в шоке как у вас всё организованно!!!

by Валентина Аржанцева 6 years ago

you have insipred me. I bought the system and Im in love. I was able to get my papers in order over spring break. I even organized my closet. Thank you for telling us about freedom filer

by Hollylovesbeauty7 8 years ago

OCD: "Dark tax should be right behind Light blue Tax"

by Pâwastêw Head 4 years ago

I got it based on your recommendation. I wish you’d come over and set it up for me😁

by Jon Streeter 2 years ago

wow, watching this video has inspired me to reorganise my files. Thanks Alejandra! x.

by Jaime 6 years ago

I'm one that keeps everything
I have tons of bank statements
Paycheck stubs
Car insurance policies
Bank statements
Old bills
What do I keep and shred
Please help

by Ann C 3 months ago

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Thanks so much for sharing!

by S. Majid 7 years ago

Hi, that a great video...
i just don't find the link for the freedom filer....?

by Nili S 6 years ago

Thank you! Going to buy the system ASAP. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise, tips & tricks with us! It's very much appreciated.

by Moses Lam 7 years ago

Can you post the link to the system? Thank you! :)

by Melissa Kennedy 8 years ago

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