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Kim Kardashian Tells Kanye Their Marriage Is Over According To New Report

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Kim Kardashian reportedly tells Kanye their marriage is over during their recent reunion in Wyoming. #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #KylieJenner
Kim Kardashian was spotted getting off a private jet when landing back in Los Angeles on July 28 after visiting her husband Kanye West and having a tearful conversation with him in a car.
Read More, https://hollywoodlife.com/2020/07/28/kim-kardashian-returns-la-without-kanye-west-wyoming-trip-pic-video/
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Can't believe what's being reported. Hoping they work it out somehow. Thoughts? - Edit: This made the YouTube trending page 😮🎉

by HollywoodLife 1 day ago

Just goes to show social media doesn’t truly show people’s real lives

by Joyce Caswell 1 day ago

“According to people mag” = Kris Jenner

by Marlene Ram 1 day ago

Imagine growing up in the celeb world with all of your friends at school knowing that your father confessed that you were almost aborted. That would be devastating. Kim has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a wife and a mother in the marriage. She has been by his side even when he has made some of the most offensive and embarrassing comments. She has to do what is best for her and the children at this point.

by Pollyanna Principle 1 day ago

The most important things are not the one you can buy with money.

by Annika Auditore 1 day ago

I clicked faster than my mom saying we have food at home

by Moon Cryz 1 day ago

I wouldn't blame her for considering divorce. By him disclosing personal issues concerning North, can potentially put North's emotional health at risk. A mother always has to consider their child first. While I am not really a fan of the Kardashian clan, Kim's is a loving wonderful mother.

by j. M. 1 day ago

Having to help someone who doesn’t want help is really hard i feel for you

by allyssa gray 1 day ago

Too me she looks like she have being crying for days when she posted that lil video of her in a car on her IG status

by shekira edwards 1 day ago

Its about time she left his crazy ass.
There's only so much abuse/neglect a person can take, without the priblem person doing the work to make amends and walk the walk.
It's hard to leave, but when you're the only one who is doing the heavy lifting you might as well eliminate one stack of the bricks.
Good luck to all of them and I hope he wakes up and fixes his life before it's over.

by Rissé Michaels 23 hours ago

but you cant tell that she didn’t try.
She tried to help him. She really did BUT you cant help someone if they dont want to be helped and You can only take and give so much to a halt.

by Daenerys Clarke 1 day ago

She would be doing the right thing if this is true, when she has got over the heart break she will realize what a massive burden it has been. People with mental health issues affect everyone close to them, everyone expects high and lows in life but when the lows far outweigh the highs it time to save yourself.

by Lynsey h 20 hours ago

Wow it’s so easy to judge these people from the outside, but damn I felt this I hope she’s okay and I hope they work out😪

by Jardel Vidon Phillips 1 day ago

I feel bad for Kim having to deal with this entire situation. And their kids, hope they are kept out of this. Hoping Kanye gets better

by Ojelabi 1 day ago

This is life with untreated bipolar disorder. Many households have to cope with similar issues.

by Jan Psillos 1 day ago

I think I possibly dislocated my thumb by clicking so fast

by Tina Wright 1 day ago

Stop 😭 I loved them together but I can understand how hard it must be to stay in a marriage where a person refuses to take medication and bipolar isn’t something you can just control without meds.

by withlovekoko 1 day ago

Bi polar is for life. Kim needs to keep a watchful eye on the kids. Bi polar is genetic .

by Denise Eugene 1 day ago

Like, the problems they have aren't just a few weeks old. Why do I get more and more children into a marriage that's not gonna work out when I already kinda know that. Kids don't fix broken relationships.

by Lea 1 day ago

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