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How to Beat Every Saw Trap

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In Saw two men awaken to find themselves on the opposite sides of a dead body, each with specific instructions to kill the other or face consequences. These two are the latest victims of the Jigsaw Killer. In this video we'll discuss how you can beat all of the traps in the movie.
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Plot twist: he's the real jigsaw and he's explaining his traps

by Ramon Espinoza 3 months ago

How to beat everything that happens in movies. Don't live in the US.

by Adrián Baráth 3 months ago

"There's even a Simpson episode featuring its ideas" Dude, there's a Simpson episode for everything in existence.

by William Corrêa 3 months ago

I mean let's be honest. No one is staying calm in a situation like that. No matter how much you say stay calm.

by Zaheer Sarang 3 months ago

The real og is the camera man who survived every trap and recorded everything

by Frogsreprettycool 4 months ago

Imagine how uncomfortable jigsaw must've been just lying there completely still for multiple hours

by Doc 3 months ago

Home Alone Kid 20 years later:

by El Gamer 3 months ago

Mark didn’t just “skip work,” he lied about being seriously ill to gain attention and possibly insurance money. This sickened Jigsaw who was diagnosed with a real terminal disease.

by takeru91 3 months ago

The guy who made this video is gonna wake up to a puppet saying "So you say you can beat ALL my traps...?"😂

by Gav-Bomb1 3 months ago

I'm only here just in case.

by Duke 3 months ago

1st grader mistakes q and p

2 hours later: "let's play a game"

by BLANK 2 months ago

Guy: fakes being sick to skip work

Jigsaw: and I took that personally

by Keldyn Blake 3 months ago

So his whole thing is to teach people a lesson to appreciate life & be a better person. The 1st person to successfully accomplish his traps & beat his game, had to kill her friend and then got hired by JigSaw where she went on to rig traps and kill a bunch of other people. So what he actually accomplished was to turn a Drug Addict into a full blown Serial Killer. Nice work JigSaw.

by Emma Johnston 3 months ago

Jigsaw is a hypocrite, he talks about the value of life in one film where the former detective is reckless moving a body. Yet he puts you in a situation where you need to murder someone for a key or die or mutilate yourself and panic. Just another deluded serial killer. And has innocent people held hostage as part of the game. He also left the guy to starve to death at the end which contradicts what he said to his staff about proving a way out.

by Robbie 3 months ago

How to beat every trap in Saw: Appreciate your life and be a good person...

by Reno Uzumaki 2 months ago

“Hello everybody, lockpicking lawyer here, and boy do I have a surprise for you. Locked onto my head right now is a device that will kill me in a couple minutes unless I get the key, which is located in a corpse. But there is a fatal flaw in the design of this trap, and that is the wafer lock core holding this thing on. So right here I have a small bit of a Red Bull can, which as you can see has is cut in a way that it is shaped like a wave rake. So now let me slide into the lock, give it a little jiggle and...... *CLICK* there we go. Now let’s lock it back up to show it wasn’t a fluke...... *CLICK* and there we have it folks, an excellent trap protected by a terrible lock. Thank you for watching, see you next time.”

by Alexander Orozco 3 months ago

Me: I'll do my homework later, I wanna keep playing games
Goes to bed and wakes up later

TV: Do you want to play a game?

by Cordron 3 months ago

"just stay calm" lol ok i'll try to remember that next time I have a bear trap tied to my jaw

by steven gao 4 months ago

"Yes, doing it this way would be quite painful, but again, it's better than dying"
Gen Z: No❤️

by Maria Reynolds 2 months ago

Me: eats 1 extra gummy vitamin
The next day:


by Amelia AMJZ 3 months ago

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