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Why Chief Keef Sabotaged His Career (On Purpose)

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Rising to prominence before he was old enough to graduate, Englewood’s Sosa set a new precedent for success hip-hop to arrive in an MC’s formative years. Cited as influential by everyone from the YBN crew to Juice WRLD and G Herbo, Chief’s early momentum helped enshrine the business model that he’s stuck to for much of his career- releasing massive swathes of music through mixtapes and features. Soon enough, the “Almighty So” would become a touchstone for countless stars that’d follow in his footsteps.
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Narrated by: Pro (JaysnProlifiq)
Written by: Robert Blair
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: Josh Petruccio
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It’s funny how Chief Just be lowkey and everyone still be talking about him 🤷🏽‍♂️

by Malik Glo 6 months ago

Chief keef owns a e-sports team and sells merchandise he’s rich and happy

by elonnut 6 months ago

Sosa doesn’t play ball with major labels and can’t be controlled....

by young city 6 months ago

keef never sabotaged his career, hes just lowkey and out the way and to himself, why cant y’all respect guys like him that dont do shit for clout and media while giving every rapper coming up their sound

by Joekainee 6 months ago

Keef never liked been told what to do they wanted him to be super friendly and he is an introvert

by AlmightyTaka 6 months ago

Sosa is a legend don’t get the credit he deserves

by Will 23 6 months ago

Sosa had people talkin dressing and acting like him no bs

by No Caparoni 6 months ago

Sosa is the most imitated rapper after Wayne

by Khu Khabazela 6 months ago

Sosa got everything he wanted. He not about to let someone control him

by Blessmore 6 months ago

People be treating us introverts like we just weirdos

by Nozzle 5 months ago

This video is pretty bad. You can tell it comes from someone who doesn’t really know about sosa

by Tay k 6 months ago

At his deathebed, Michael Jackson prophesied that another black male would come after him, that would be almost as influential as MJ, he said this young man would sometimes be called Sosa and "these bitches would love him".

by Uz Zi 6 months ago

Chief keef easily the most influential rapper of this generation after lil Wayne

by Dri dri 6 months ago

If streaming had counted back in 2012, I think we would look at Keef a bit different.

by TheSkywalker21 6 months ago

Chief is a boss he's rich & staying outta trouble & im not even a huge fan, he seems way better off than most of these clowns to me.

by Jesse 6 months ago

its funny how uzi is influenced by chief keef but he's older then him

by jaka golob 6 months ago

Chief Keef is antisocial and don’t like the fame just the money ....

by Pouw up Turn up 6 months ago

you said "filthy rich" instead of 'Finally rich' from an actual quote by sosa... you are automatically just a blogger to me and not a real sosa fan.

by Steven McLaughlin 5 months ago

Police canceling them shows most likely saved his life.

by Seymour Kitty 4 months ago

Sosa doesn't need clout he did enough for the game. He one of the 🐐. You can't deny his success and influence.

by Armin Scheucher 6 months ago

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