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SuperM Gets Flustered by Kids

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Don’t mind me... I’m just 21 hrs early

by Belén Q. 1 days ago

“if you were a fruit-“
ten: don’t be so DISGUSTING

by a_lb 2 hours ago

Q: "If you were a fruit, what kind of fruid you will be and why?"
Taemin: "Watermelon"
Mark: "eh!!!?" lol

by helloctober 15 3 hours ago

Kai: People are the scariest
Taeyong: OMG
Mark: Kai is opiniated but he's always spitting straight facts

Everyone liking this: check out wayv's comeback, taemin's solo in august, kai's solo debut, baekhyun's december album, im not sure about nct 127 & exo's 2025 comeback😌

by what ever 3 hours ago

Mark: "I just have a feeling that Taemin never die"

yes Mark he is

by helloctober 15 2 hours ago

For Taemin it's Hello Baby season 2 😂

by Warsa 525 1 days ago

Mark: “I just have a felling Taemin never dies”

Me: thinks about how he’s been in the industry in the 2nd 3th and 4th generation.

Me: Yes indeed, he never dies.

by Tara 123 2 hours ago

Baekhyun: “i want a handsome face, even if it’s for a day”

Me: wait a minute.... you are beautiful🥺

by Rowena 2 hours ago

The kids looked panicked and flustered themselves, being around adults who they mostly can't understand without their parents directly next to them must have been scary.

Luckily SuperM are all sweethearts, so I don't think it would have been that bad for the kids~

(Also-- Ten having Lucas under his phone as "Giant Baby" ... Lucas is Ten's baby, your baby, my baby, the world's baby, wbk)

by Voop 1 hours ago

Taemin looking at the toddler high fiving Mark: "Don't get too comfortable...I'm the only baby here"

by Kete Orevalc 1 days ago

“Which member would you like to go to an amusement park with”

Taeyong: I-


Taeyong: laughs in gay panic

Taeyong: “Yes, with him. It’s always fun with baekhyun”

My hearteu

by Tara 123 1 hours ago

Taemin: if I had to choose who would die first it would be Taeyong
Taeyong: looks at Taemin in disbelief

by suns.hine127 2 hours ago

Q: What are you scared of?
Sehun and Kai: People
Chanyeol: Cockroaches
Ten: Eating fruits
...the degree of fears in SM is seriously no joke.

by K Hems 1 hours ago

SuperM in a family be like
Mark: The Mom, does everything
Kai: helps Mark because he loves children
Taemin: The Reason why the kid cried in the first place
Taeyong: Confused because he doesn't know why the kid was crying
Lucas: Makes Food for the kid because it was crying
Ten: Hides in the bedroom to avoid collision
Baekhyun: That aunt that is always at your home because he's always free

by Michaella Dominico 1 hours ago

no one:
Not even NCT's apple juice:
MARK: Hi guys I'm MaWrK

by Anjali Gopan 2 hours ago

Lucas will forever be Ten’s “Giant baby” and his other baby is Mark Lee. I find it soooo cute! When he’s the Hyung but smaller than them.

And then we get Kai vs Lucas again. 🤣

by Nou Phong 1 hours ago

"People are scariest" - Jongin told this many times but still relevant.

by Zelle 1 hours ago

No one:
Literally no one:

Foreigner kids: Listening in confusion*

by KAR YA 2 hours ago

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