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Auba needs more experience lifting trophies! | Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea | Mikel Arteta press conference

#Arsenal #Premier League #Football #Chelsea FC #Sports
1:30 Message to all Arsenal fans
3:00 Aubameyang dropping the trophy 🏆.
3:30 Pep Guardiola tribute.
4:56 Lifting FA Cup as player & manager.
6:00 No Ozil here today.
6:15 Water breaks for tactics.
7:50 Arsenal means so much to me
8:30 More on Aubameyang future
Mikel Arteta’s brilliant reaction to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang dropping the FA Cup after Arsenal’s triumph over Chelsea at Wembley.
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#Arsenal #Arteta #Chelsea

#Hayters #Press conference #Aubameyang #Sports #Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang #Mikel Arteta #FA Cup #Arsenal FC #Arsenal v Chelsea #Chelsea #HaytersTV #Soccer #Arteta

HaytersTV photo 1 Auba needs more experience lifting... HaytersTV photo 2 Auba needs more experience lifting... HaytersTV photo 3 Auba needs more experience lifting... HaytersTV photo 4 Auba needs more experience lifting...

Mikel Arteta in brilliant form after winning his first trophy as a manager! 👏

by HaytersTV 1 day ago

Congrats Mikel 6 months in charge and he wins the FA cup give him a transfer window,cash, aubameyang sign the contract and see what he can achieve

by Irish Shayme 1 day ago

Arteta since signing for arsenal as a manager.. defeated klopp's team.. defeated Ole's team.. defeated pep's team and won fa cup

by Burung Apa 1 day ago

Arsenal still managed to win a Trophy in its worst ever premiership season?
Congratulations. North London continuous to the RED. COYG....

by Ike Archimedes 1 day ago

If the board backs him, I can see us win a lot more in the years to come 🔴⚪️

by Classenal 1 day ago

Worst season in 25 years, beats City, Liverpool, United and Chelsea. Wins silverware and gets a spot in Europe.

by Clinton Mouton 1 day ago

yes ref had mistakes but arsenal still deserved to win 🔴⚪

by FlyingFlamingo 1 day ago

Breaking News just in - Pep Guardiola was the assistant.

by Gd2knw 1 day ago

Arteta has defeated Wilder, Nuno, Pep,Klopp, Ole, and Lampard so far. Give him the resources and he can achieve more. COYG, enjoy the night!!!

by Hasan Ramzan 1 day ago

Pep guardiola would be proud of his student. Winning his first trophy as a manager in just six months of his managerial career. That’s quite an achievement.

by Humayun Kabir 1 day ago

Arteta has been our best signing can you imagine if we had him from the beginning of the season even with this bunch we would have definitely made top four...can't wait for the new season.

by Busani Bhengu 1 day ago

I know they doubted us. Even our own “fans” doubted us. Sheesh

by Cesar Ivan 1 day ago


by Jose Achu 1 day ago

beaten pep, klopp, lampard, nuno and ole in his first few months of management. And won a trophy.

by Matt s 1 day ago

This was like burnol over our premier league injury, really happy for arteta and team hope we can build on this and get back into champions league next season.

by Ayush Apoorva 1 day ago


by Carter Stage 1 day ago

Felt like a police interview

by tj lyricz 1 day ago

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