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Hamilton London - 2018 Olivier Awards Performance

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Watch the cast of Hamilton London open the 2018 Olivier Awards.

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Hamilton West End photo 1 Hamilton London - 2018 Olivier... Hamilton West End photo 2 Hamilton London - 2018 Olivier... Hamilton West End photo 3 Hamilton London - 2018 Olivier... Hamilton West End photo 4 Hamilton London - 2018 Olivier...

all the bashing of this cast is so sad. They're all brilliant and deserve to be there and perform.

by ellie hartinger 2 years ago

4 and a half minutes of British people trying to not sound British
Edit: This is just a joke don't take it too seriously

by Musical Theater Nerd 11 months ago

This eliza is so talented
All of them are
But wow this eliza

by blub blub 11 months ago

I think its kinda ironic that british people are performing hamilton

Edit: stop taking this seriously, its a joke

by Lena p 10 months ago

I kinda find it ironic how there's a British cast performing a musical about American history in Hamilton, and an American cast performing a musical about British history in Six

by Katherine Hall 5 months ago

Apparently he's only 6' 4"... he looks way taller

by Zachary Walker 10 months ago

not a single soul:

hamilton london: ”hAMOLTiN.”

by jynx rocks 8 months ago

Burr sounds like Mr. Moseby with a little lisp

by Laura Lopez 1 year ago

I think I'm too used to the original (American) cast

by Tess Golds 1 year ago

Eliza is sung by Rachelle Ann Go, who also sung part of First Burn, and she’s killing it!

by little panda 1 year ago

this Aaron burr sounds like a cowboy and I accept the representation of him

by harmony 6 months ago

I know why they sound odd! The London cast is using a standard American accent whereas certain characters in the US Hamilton are using New York City accents. Leslie Odom Jr. is from Queens and has a rhotic R, which is why he says "landlord/afford" without pronouncing the R in those words. English folks also have a rhotic R, so using a non-rhotic R makes them sound more American for the play. It's also a good stylistic choice. In the US Hamilton, they want to emphasize New York City, but that's not the game plan as much for the London Hamilton. Using the non-rhotic R for Aaron Burr makes him sound nerdier almost.

by EK Hayes 10 months ago

They aren’t bad at all, they are talented but they need to sound “American”

by Naysa Rangai 4 days ago

I saw Hamilton on Disney plus and now I'm just binge watching every Hamilton related videos.
Also kicking myself HARD for not going to see this before coronavirus hit and theaters are closed everywhere.
Man, did I .. throw away my shot. 😭😭

by nightowl 2 weeks ago

It seems like they sing it slower than the American casts. (Not a criticism, just an observation)

by Some 2 years ago

Didn’t realise Alex Hamilton was like 9ft

by J M 2 months ago

If only Alexander Hamilton knew they would be performing a play about his story in the UK, and it wasnt a shame piece. LOL! Wow. That cast did great.

by CleoPhoenix 6 days ago

I actually met Laffyette/Jefferson after the show and I must say, he was the nicest person I’ve ever met! 😇❤️😝

by Flowerbutton15 11 months ago

“We fought with him, me I died for him, me I trusted him, me I loved him”
And Me, thErEs nO RunNinG in My LoBby”

by kirsten vankirk 3 days ago

Is Hercules/Maddison’s actor American? If not his American accent is amazingly on point.

by 「Sans Sauce」 3 weeks ago

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