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Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1)

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welcome welcome to wedding body transformation episode 1.
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#crossfit workout #wedding series #wedding planning #haley pham wedding series #crossfit body transformation #haleypham #body transformation

Haley Pham photo 1 Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1) Haley Pham photo 2 Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1) Haley Pham photo 3 Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1) Haley Pham photo 4 Wedding Body Transformation (ep. 1)

I still can't believe you're getting marriedddd so happy for you

by Grelia 1 month ago

REMINDER: you don't need to compare your bodies to ones you see online! workout for yourself and for your health, and not for an 'ideal' body type <33

by imnotaimee 1 month ago

i still can’t believe she’s getting married, i’ve been here since the start so it’s so weird for me🥺🥺

by maisie wilcock 1 month ago

i literally don’t understand how one can be so pretty

by gabi rozeli 1 month ago

the way he’s listening to her when she’s talking about the 400 calories is so cute. he’s actively listening instead of just being there aw aw

by Lauren Esper 1 month ago

yall remind me of jane and michael from jane the virgin

by sarah 1 month ago

She’s literally so pretty I can’t even-🥺🥰

by Simply x Thandi 1 month ago

Love how she wants to get fit for an actual goal rather than feeling deeply insecure

by Mylz Savant 1 month ago

i love how this isn't just about being skinny or having a flat stomach, it's about being healthy & in good shape and being strong. such a great role model!

by AnnieBanapple 1 month ago

you don’t need a body transformation haley, but good for you anyway

by Natalia 1 month ago

Whoever is reading this, God has a plan, trust the process 💜💜

by Yodeline 1 month ago

Who else thinks Haley is STUNNING?! She inspires me so much with my own channel 💕

by Simplee Summer12 1 month ago

who else loves Haley’s videos? 🙋‍♀️

by yuliya 1 month ago

Who else loves that they are finally getting married🥺✨💞😭

by Alessandra Gonzale 1 month ago


by LadyBug 1 month ago

YouTube: let’s give her the notification 2 mins late

by Snezhana Helling 1 month ago

haley’s current body is my dream body... lmaoo ooop

by Lauren Bee 1 month ago

me watching her go on a diet while eating mcdonalds

by sausage fat 1 month ago

I love Haley's wedding craze, you can see how excited she is to marry the love of her life!

by Sarah 1 month ago

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