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"YOU PSYCHOPATH!!" Hafu Manipulated Entire Lobby in INSANE Imposter Game - Toast Pokimane | Among Us

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Love you Tinaaaaaa! One of the best games I've had in a while. SO GOOD!
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Hey, I'm Hafu! I'm a 5x legend Hearthstone player, finishing at rank #7 during season 3 and peaking at rank #2. Lately I've been playing Among Us and I'm really enjoying it!
SONG(S) USED, RageSound - Vortex
Maestro Tlakaelel - Jesse Gallagher
Outro - IX - Aihara Enju
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hafu saying "I love you" to tina is like the cherry on top psychopath LMAO

by Four Lime 1 month ago

We're going to have a generation of really really good politicians in about 10-15 years.

by sadas 1 month ago

The cruelest lie in 2020:
"You're not gonna scream. You're gonna be happy :)"

by DissipatingS 1 month ago

how many times did myth lock hafu in lmao

by UrQuirkyAzn 1 month ago

Hafu is so underrated, honestly. She's really top Tier with Toast. And her Imposter style is so much more entertaining than most, too.

by Luke Ho 1 month ago

I felt soooo bad for Tina. I watched that live and she was tearing up.

by Flavess 1 month ago

Tina's psychotherapist is gonna have a long, long day at work this week.

Hafu's psychotherapist probably went insane already.

by Geraldo Neto 1 month ago


Gordan Ramsey likes that.

by the1onlynoob 1 month ago

God, the betrayal in her voice, that is so cold

by Kabitu1 1 month ago

toast is red??? i’m in the wrong timeline

by addy 1 month ago

This whole game was amazing to watch live, Tina literally CRIED after hafu played her so hard.

by Price_of_Fame 1 month ago

By far the most underrated Among Us Player. She should be as famous as Toast for these kinds of plays

by Dixon Tiru 1 month ago

hafu and 5upp are like the same person they both had imposter games doing the same end strat against offlinetv its scary how good they are lmao

by trigun630 1 month ago

"why are you so calm and collective u psychopath" best complement i ever heard

by Shiro Gitsune 1 month ago

The CIA is going to start knocking at your doors. They're recruiting.

by Mistersmiles 1 month ago

I'm loving the term marinating.

by Zachary 1 month ago

“You’re not gonna scream, you’re gonna be happy”

What a madlad

by Dioscuri 1 month ago

Watched the stream from Poki's perspective and Hafu won 5 or 6 imposter games. Absolutely insane, really.

Like, I love Toast's videos and they are the reason why I started watching Among Us streams to begin with. He's a great player, but I honestly think Hafu is even better at the game. This is some grade a content!

by Maddelomaniac 1 month ago

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