they caught me cheating the henry stickmin collection fleeing comp

h2odelirious photo 1 they caught me cheating the... h2odelirious photo 2 they caught me cheating the... h2odelirious photo 3 they caught me cheating the... h2odelirious photo 4 they caught me cheating the...

No one:
Delirious: Oh my God it's Vanoss!
I love it xD

by Mr. Tryhard 2 weeks ago

Ellie's names

People who dont know her: red hair girl
Henry Stickmin players: Ellie

People after watching this video: hoochie lady

by Dripy Man 2 weeks ago

the game is called, โ€œL.A. Noireโ€

by Bigc Gaming 2 weeks ago

Normies: The helicopter has smaller helicopter


by Jerald Hardy 2 weeks ago

He cookie that says โ€œEat Meโ€ is a Easter Egg from โ€œAlice In Wonderlandโ€

by Delusional Madness 2 weeks ago

"So Delirious Delirious where did you learn to trickshot?"
Delirious: Henry

by Jax Aje 3 weeks ago

That โ€œEllie will remember thatโ€ was a tale tell reference

by AK_Skiii_JayDG 5 days ago

Listen to this with your eyes closed

by P H ฮ› N T O M 2 weeks ago

H20 delirious: they put me into quarantine oh nooo
2020 people: Itโ€™s life

by SkitZ PlayZ 1 week ago

the game: been out after few years
Delirious: plays it from the beginning
me: nice.

by Calvin Liem 2 weeks ago

Me sees snowman: itโ€™s frosty
Delirious sees snowman: VANOSS!!!

by Ancario 3 weeks ago

Delirous: having fun while playing this game

Tabs: did he forget me?

by Enrichment 2 weeks ago

Hey delirious. Can you ON the subtitles on the next video. Just asking.

by Jhian Playz 2 weeks ago

I love how when delirious sees a woman in a game he calls them a hoochie every time

by Lil Cobra3279 2 weeks ago

Anyone realize that when Ellie Darth Vadered Henry, Delirious said the same thing as CaRtOoNz? "Use the force! Not that force!!"

by The Dark Ninja 3 weeks ago

"NO Scar! Don't do it! I don't wanna be Mufasa'd!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Keleesi128 2 weeks ago

we can sue the, now
The judge or whatever: Present your case
Delirious: yes I was trying to escape prison when I came to this pipe and tried to walk across it and one of the pipes was not sturdy and I fell like 20 feet
Judge: what?!

by __ TheCanadianOwl __ 2 weeks ago

Ellie: Helps Henry and gets left behind
Delirious: HAAAAA

by Ballistica 2 weeks ago

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