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EVH Eddie Van Halen - Im The One *GUITAR TRACK*

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I'll put this single guitar track up against anything any guitar player has done.. It's got it all.. Tone, aggression, swing, virtuosity and a godlike control of the instrument.. Downright SCARY to other guitarists.. Sure, There's lots of guys who play faster, more technical.. But nobody has topped Ed's ability to put it all together without ever being predictable or repetitive.

by Mattress Hub Hutch 6 years ago

RIP Eddie Van Halen. You will not be forgotten.

by Leathan Lund 1 month ago

not only to play this but to actually "think" of this kind of playing at that time amazing

by don barlow 6 years ago

After all these years, I still think this track is his most impressive guitar performance.

by Leathan Lund 6 years ago

Whether someone now can play Eddie's stuff is irrelevant and adds no value to any argument about how great he was. Create and write something this great and then I'll be impressed.

by mountaineerndixie 6 years ago

"Eruption" vs I'm The One " isolated guitar track ???? I'd take this iso track every time... anyone else??!!

by Ed Boulter 1 month ago

This song has more licks than a dog pound!

by iddddaduncan 4 years ago

Man, the thing people don't usually get is what an insanely good rythym player Eddie is. The hardest part of playing this (to me at least) is the shuffle groove.

by rsvp9146 4 years ago

Is this the greatest guitar tone in history or what?

by alan simpson 5 years ago

The baddest cat to EVER pick up an electric guitar, PERIOD.

by anofi berry 4 years ago

R.I.P Guitar God, you influenced the World and Millions of guitarists. A Truly Sad Day. . . Thank You for the 4 decades of music you gave us Eddie~

by NS9213 1 month ago

Who came here due to phil x? this is a masterpiece!

by David Smith 5 months ago

And people say all ed did was tapping... give me a break

by Chris Richards 5 months ago

I can't be the only one that sang that acapella out loud at in hopes of ending it on time.

by DevilMayAsian 5 years ago

It's that "swing/groove" aspect to his work that makes him so great...and why very few can cover his stuff and make it sound right. Sure, they can hit all the notes at the right speed but there's a natural flow and rhythm to his playing that you can't teach a guitar player. You either have it or you don't.

by mountaineerndixie 7 years ago

40 years on and it still sounds as fresh as yesterday.

by MacPro8CoreMan 2 years ago

I've always loved this song, but when you hear Ed isolated it allows you to appreciate it on another level. Magical. Glorious. This is the sound of a young, energetic, hungry, player who burst on to the scene like an erupting volcano (pun intended). he plays with such fire and passion exploding with something that needs to be said to the guitar world..LOOK AT ME!! LET ME MELT YOUR FUCKIN FACE OFF!! lol..

by Brian mo 6 years ago

Nothing... and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G sounded anything remotely like this when it hit the speakers at this period of time!!
Quite possibly one of the badassist guitar tracks ever recorded.

by Scot Dvorak 1 year ago

I’m gonna call it, this is one of the greatest guitar performances of all time. Especially as I think it was done in one take. Extraordinary in every way - tone, attack, style and musicality. Often people say something good is “genius”, but this is the real thing.

by Gavin Badcock 5 months ago

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