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Flamingo swearing on Camera!?! (Flamingo funny moments) *Spanish Edition* 2020

#Flamingo cursing #2020 #Flamingo swearing #Roblox #Gaming
Username: guestthebestguy
Albert Aka Albertstuff Aka Flamingo swearing in roblox! Lol
Newest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPwdvmcn340
This video is for entertainement purposes only and not to slander anyones name including Flamingo.
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#Spanish Edition #Flamingo cussing

Guestthebestguy Plays photo 1 Flamingo swearing on Camera!?! (Flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 2 Flamingo swearing on Camera!?! (Flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 3 Flamingo swearing on Camera!?! (Flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 4 Flamingo swearing on Camera!?! (Flamingo...

Please don't send any hate to this Youtuber!
He's my favorite Roblox Youtuber and I don't want anyone sending hate to him.
Roblox Shirt:
Newest Flamingo video:
New group if you wanna win robux:

by Guestthebestguy Plays 6 months ago

Not trying to send hate but I think Albert doesnt like when people talk about his past

by Jamie Stirling 6 months ago

that rap was amazing lol
edit:holy when did I get this many likes

by Purple Guy 6 months ago

โ€œPapitoโ€ means โ€œDaddyโ€ Screams In Albert Language

by Aria Bailon 6 months ago

Hearing Albert swear feels illegal.

by El Dorado 6 months ago

Me and albert laughed at the same time

by Xhysics 5 months ago

i love how the girl sounded like she was trying to tell Albert how to design her nose LMAO

by GentleGuyPro 4 months ago

it's so early in the video and actually really funny Lmao

by -seb- 5 months ago

All of these are old clips from his other channel Albert stuff.

by Puppy Lover594 5 months ago

This is the first time seeing flamingo has a different voice and swearing

by Err0r1x 6 months ago

All these are all from albertstuff and in some of them it doesn't even have bad words

by Funnykoala Boy 6 months ago

Why is this so funny to me, you don't deserve any dislikes

by moon pelt 6 months ago

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