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Flamingo swearing on camera!!! (flamingo funny moments) 2020

#2020 #Albertstuff swearing #flamingo swearing #Flamingo cussing #Gaming
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Albert aka Albertstuff aka Flamingo cussing in his video. (FUNNY) LOL
My newest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPwdvmcn340
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#Albert swearing #Albertstuff cussing #Albert cussing

Guestthebestguy Plays photo 1 Flamingo swearing on camera!!! (flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 2 Flamingo swearing on camera!!! (flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 3 Flamingo swearing on camera!!! (flamingo... Guestthebestguy Plays photo 4 Flamingo swearing on camera!!! (flamingo...

Roblox Shirt:
Note: This is for the og flamingo fans that misses his swearing days. NOT TO SLANDER FLAMINGO'S NAME
Newest Flamingo video:
New group if you wanna win robux:

by Guestthebestguy Plays 8 months ago

Albert: Says swear word
6 year old kids: He’s cancelled

by Imxn _ 6 months ago

He’s not Flamingo, he’s Albertsstuff, AlbertsStuff swears, flamingo doesn’t

Same person but made for different audience
le difference

by Big Brain Bacon Hair 1 month ago

when your so used to hearing swears but feel weird when albert swears:

Damn it-

by No Lights 1 month ago

This was albertsstuff, I clearly remembered the second clip

by A Guitar 1 month ago

Not flamingo, it’s Albert stuff, from years ago.

by Bean 1 month ago

Alberts swearing years were golden.

by Jesse Mccree 4 months ago

"2020" Lmao this was from years ago.

by novaツ 1 month ago

albert sounded so surprised there lol

by Amber Moore 2 months ago

When flamingo said "it budgles through my shorts" I laughed so hard

by Four 1 month ago

Ah, yes, finally a good hecking AlbertStuff rap song.

by DIO. 2 months ago

Albert's Stuff: swears a lot like an adult

Flamingo: screams like a 6 years old girl

by Jasem Playz 7 months ago

Everybody: I’m never watching him again

Me: what video is this

by 60FPS editz 1 month ago

Kids: Cleetus
Intellectuals: grosspubes

by Some Dude 1 month ago

Me: this is clickbait isint it?
Also me: “watches video” oh yea I remember hearing him swear now.....

by Molten Freddy 1 month ago

Albert then: swears alot and dont even care about COPPA

Albert now: haha noob go cry

by X00X Mationz 6 days ago

AlbertsStuff: Swearing
Flamingo: Screaming

by Echonet 6 months ago

Six year olds who are a fan of flamingo be like: 👁️👄👁️

by xoxoHarmonyxoxo 4 weeks ago

He has a channel where he curses called “AlbertStuff”

by Xxcutie_ taexX 2 days ago

Ah, yes. I Literally used to watch alberstuff as a KID. Much funnier then than now

by sol 1 month ago

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