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I made a Mumbo Proof House in Minecraft

#tutorial #grian #mumbo grian #redstone house #Gaming
Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me..
thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!.
Mumbo's channel: https://youtu.be/YCihd0HY69M

#mincraft #Grian #building #house swap #mumbo proof house #yt:quality=high #ideas #minecraft #mumbojumbo #Minecraft

Grian photo 1 I made a Mumbo Proof... Grian photo 2 I made a Mumbo Proof... Grian photo 3 I made a Mumbo Proof... Grian photo 4 I made a Mumbo Proof...

I can't believe some of the things you put in there.. hahahaha!

by Mumbo Jumbo 1 year ago

Iskall proof house: big wall around the entire house with a single piece of DIORITE at the front

by Preston Crosby 2 months ago

I love how both of their โ€œohh noโ€s sound almost exactly the same

by Oriangle Man 2 months ago

โ€The ugliest house Iโ€™ve ever built.โ€

- everyone liked that -

by Purple Is Best 1 month ago

"The most ugliest house"

My sister: "Ehh, it looks pretty good to me!"

by Felix 4 weeks ago

Grain: โ€œThe ugliest house Iโ€™ve ever built.โ€

Me: โ€I would live in that.โ€

by peepeehead 1 year ago

Grian: "A house no one would like"
50% of the comments: "Beautiful!"

by Carnoraptor53 2 months ago

The paintings: โ€œmumbo jumbo afkโ€ฆโ€

by Connor HANSON 1 week ago

Me: Better than anything I could do

by Z4K GAM1NG 2 months ago

Grain:I made a house that no one likes.
Comment section: I loved it.

by Ali Razi 1 year ago

No one literally no one:
The house is kinda "pretty" it has roof fingers!


by Samantha The Killer 1 month ago

When Grian's "Ugliestโ€ house is way better than the best house I could ever build :/

by __Johnny___ 2 months ago

Me: knows redstone
My friends and family: your a Minecraft god
Also me: can only make fire works and arrows fire rapidly

by Swift SoulMuffin 2 months ago

Grian: โ€œA house that no one likes! A multicolor mess of madness.โ€

Me: โ€œ I love it.โ€

by ThatOne_Idiot 3 months ago

"nobody likes this house"

Me: I like it tho, I guess I am nobody

by Cailey Animates 2 months ago

"That is something I would actually have on my minecraft house, not gonna lie. The big G? It's something that... it's - It's a bit of an icon." The season 7 manor:

by Rohith Rajeshram 2 months ago

Can we just appreciate that this video is exactly minutes long?

by QueenTrashmouth 3 weeks ago

Grian: Iโ€™ll make a house nobody likes.

Still impressed me

by Gacha Liv :3 2 months ago

"The ugliest build that I ever made" and it somehow still looks cooler than most of my builds

by Liam Tolentino 1 year ago

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