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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 - THE NEW HQ!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 - THE NEW HQ! Grian relocates the new HQ with a brand new style..
#minecraft #hermitcraft

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Grian photo 1 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 -... Grian photo 2 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 -... Grian photo 3 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 -... Grian photo 4 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 53 -...

Mhm? The Goat-Signal has been lit???!! TO THE GOAT CAVE!

by docm77 6 hours ago

Hero: We need to find the Villain’s Headquarters, but how?

The Villain’s Headquarters:

by Luke Gaming 56 minutes ago

"Psst impulse. Pssssst Impulse."
smacks him

by Brendan Nowak 13 minutes ago

grian: I got help from someone good that redstone.
mumbo: well Im goi-
grian: GOAT

by Destiny Skitz 1 hour ago

Grian: Builds a new island
Me: By the end of Season 7 the whole shopping district will be an archipelago.

by Grosser 38 minutes ago

"This is more complicated than I originally intended."

Grian has done it. He has just described every project ever done by himself.

by chewboiye 6 hours ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, why is the smoke coming out of the shrooms? Is he high?

by Mr. Trace 1 hour ago

Becoming a giant shopping center
Step one: provide a range of items everyone wants CHECK
Step two: Drag people in with deals and more items sold CHECK
Step three: absorb shops and increase stock CHECK
Step four: become the largest priorities of items in the shopping district and become the richest hermit on the server... coming soon

by PIG OVERLORD 53 minutes ago

"A big chair for Mother Spore."

Guys. Its Happening again. I'm getting flashbacks.

by Luke Brooks 29 minutes ago

pulls out end crystal
“I don’t think people use these very often”
2b2t players : :/

by Azaleo 41 minutes ago

“Grain is trying a new building style, this is going to be horrible” said no one ever

by Mr McMuffin 1 hour ago

Grian: "I don't know what red-stone people do, they can just make stuff that destroys everything right?"

DocM, who is part of SciCraft as well: "Yes hello, what amount of the server would you like destroyed? I have world eaters, bedrock destroyers, massive TNT cannons, and everything in between."

by Alex Hooper 41 minutes ago

Just a side note for ya Grian:
End crystals will not break any blocks below them

by Yeetus_maheetus 1 hour ago

Grain:*Pulls a Bdubs*
Bdubs:*Pulls a Grain*
Me: So that’s why they switched skins and were 5 parallel universes ahead of everyone

by CTclonetrooper9999 1 hour ago

“I’m gonna do a BDubs thing. Gotta schleep!”

Guys he said it. He said the thing.

by StaleCroissants 30 minutes ago

A couple of things:

1. It would be sooo cool if the island that the Mycelium Resistance was on was just a huge mushroom coming from the ocean!

2. Assuming you’re keeping the chair/emergency button thing going, the chairs should be based off of different mushroom colours!

3. You should incorporate the fact that poisonous mushrooms exist. Maybe the vault could be based on poisonous mushrooms and have a poison trap!

Hope you see this and it can give you some ideas!

by Liam Here! 4 hours ago

Grian: “I’m pretty sure you can make stuff that just destroys everything”
Me: does this man know what TNT is...?

by Static Gaming 1 hour ago

Grian: This is made ENTIRELY out of mushrooms

Me: wood

by pork-n-chops 26 17 minutes ago

Idea: the new addition of the barge should be for people to rent stalls to sell their wares. You could charge like 30% of their profits.

by Fruity Rhumba 1 hour ago

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