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EASY Ways To Defend A 1.14 Minecraft Village

#minecraft 1.14 #Grian #village walls #grian village #Gaming
EASY Ways To Defend A 1.14 Minecraft Village... Easy.. but take a long time. Simply because of the size of most 1.14 villages any defence will be a huge time investment, so I have shown multiple ways of handling this depending on how much effort you want to put in. They have varying degrees of success but are all good fun to see!.
None of this works if you don't light up your villages! They will be zombified in 1 minecraft day if you don't!

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Grian photo 1 EASY Ways To Defend A... Grian photo 2 EASY Ways To Defend A... Grian photo 3 EASY Ways To Defend A... Grian photo 4 EASY Ways To Defend A...

- Did you defend it
- yes
- what did it cost?
- stacks of dirt blocks

by ramel busto 1 year ago

Wandering trader: you wanna see some real speed

by GRaF_ Rabbit 2 months ago

Pillagers: Shoot the Villager
Villager: Dodge all arrows
Villager: Amateurs

by Khyber :D 4 months ago

Grian: "I spent a long time preparing this"
Me: noticing the wooden axe in Grian's inventory
(World edit is a Minecraft miracle)

by Dr. Derpy 4 months ago

Grianโ€™s iron golems: beat up ravagers and a couple of pillagers

My iron golems: fails to kill 2 zombies

by Mason Miao 2 months ago

When i first walked into the berry bush i had no idea what was hurting me

by Aila 1 year ago

Alternate title: How to quarantine villagers and pillagers

by Chheav Pisey 3 months ago

Everyone else: *Makes deadly traps and protects the village by killing all the Pillagers*
Me: *Traps pillagers and puts them on showcase in my mob museum*
Pillagers: O_O Oh no Not the museum

by Teddy Chen 5529 3 months ago

"They walk straight down"
Ravager: dances down the stairs

by Hot Pants 4 months ago

โ€œTotal successโ€-while the villagers are getting shot in the background

by Freestyler 4 months ago

Pillagers: *exists*

Peaceful Mode: iโ€™m about to end this raidโ€™s career

by P O L I S H J E R R Y 1 year ago


That Wandering Trader: I am speed

by N33TS33T 2 months ago

The pillagers on the 1st one
"I've been bamboozled"

by Tati Rochati 4 months ago

Grian: These
Everyone: These
Me: CoBbLeStOnE wAlLs

by JTL5 4 months ago

Who would win:
A whole group of raiders
Some cloned squid wards

by Kean Vlog 3 months ago

I love how that Pillager is distracted while the Golem comes up behind it lol.

by Nicolas Bruno 3 months ago

Grian: Makes Plants vs Pillagers
Grian: "We've done it boys, PVZ is no more"

Just a joke

by Multicar Wr Mbok Lan 3 months ago

People: saying the raid spawns in the Defense

Me: laughing in peaceful mode

by rahimuddin mohammed 2 months ago

Everyone: how do you protect a village

Me: burn it down

by Sniperbobdave 1 month ago

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