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Hermitcraft S7 Ep 42: My Aqua Town MEGA PROJECT!

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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 42, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to start my next mega project and it's on the land bought with 64 diamond blocks at the start of season 7. The massive new build is called Aqua Town and will be a part of the shopping district. We also rebuilt the diamond throne after the mycelium assistance LOLified up the Townhall. Hope you like the Jellie Plush!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: https://youtu.be/PZy7i249oUU
Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist.
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I'm so excited to announce the Jellie plush after all these months! It will be available for 20 days. Here is the link :D

by GoodTimesWithScar 1 month ago

Does anyone else remember that Grian bought a single plot in the middle of Scar's landmass?

by Cooper Wooden 1 month ago

Scar is literally one of the nicest people ever, giving joe netherite just for making some lag.

by Henry White 1 month ago

"lol wtf"
"found a random repeater and dust"
"in the netherrack"

by Eury Antoine Uy 1 month ago

Scar should make like a "Corner Cafe" or "Jellie's Corner" where its literally in a corner

by YourGuyJake 1 month ago

Scar could probably restock the chest monster shop with all of his chest monsters

by Eric Surgenor 1 month ago

I love how Scar always is just casually carrying a MooPop in his off-hand, and Cubfan just randomly cursing over a repeater and some redstone dust. XD

by Cap_Cube 1 month ago

Scar: recording his outro

Jellie: Do not leave me to hunger, mortal, for you underestimate my power

by Nico J 1 month ago

Make between the shops a minigame "The dark alley"
When you go through you have a 50/50 chance to find 2 diamonds or to be robbed 2 diamonds.
Its free to play so i think it will be fun

by Darius Tucan 1 month ago

Could we just take a moment to respect what an amazing youtuber scar is, throughout all of the other problems heโ€™s facing he still comes out with these amazing videos

by Alex Kouba 1 month ago

While the rest are playing Minecraft, Mayor Scar is playing SimCity.

by KalonOrdona2 1 month ago

Letโ€™s just appreciate the fact that scar is in a wheelchair hooked up to hoses still making quality videos for us. Scar if you see this I just want to say that you are a truly amazing person. Have a great day brother I wish the best for you. Love your vids keep it up ๐Ÿ‘

by Ian Hartings 1 month ago

Me seeing mycelium and podzol on the throne: Oh, as a sign of peace
Scar: To show them who's in charge
Me: oh no

by Avery Williams 1 month ago

Instead of a diner to sell MooPop, do an old-fashioned soda counter! That would fit the theme and be super awesome.

by Allie Stardust 1 month ago

Scarโ€™s Therapist: Scar, we talked about this. You canโ€™t just build an island.
Scar: Ok, Iโ€™ll build a city instead.

by Parkour Ninja Kitty 1 month ago

Scar has literally turned into island-man over the past few episodes lol

by Joshua Pfistner 1 month ago

He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly, he bring the diamond throne back.

by Gufran Ahmad 1 month ago

Scar: this is looking a bit plain...
Me: Builds an only oak house and says it's detailed

by Jgamer684 0_0 1 month ago

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