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Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about 'Hamilton!' coming soon on Disney+ l GMA

Good Morning America photo 1 Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about 'Hamilton!'... Good Morning America photo 2 Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about 'Hamilton!'... Good Morning America photo 3 Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about 'Hamilton!'... Good Morning America photo 4 Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about 'Hamilton!'...


by Andrea Carranza 7 months ago

“You are this musical genius “ Lin: Politely smiles That’s it. This man is too kind. Protec him. At all cost.

by Iraa Sharma 7 months ago

Guess who’s Hamilton phase is coming back...

by Hachinavio 7 months ago

Disney+ : “free trials are running out and some folks might actually remember to cancel, how do we keep people hooked a few more months?”
Lin-Manuel: “say no more fam”

by lowkey bruja 7 months ago

Why were they playing bad guy

by Mr. Bruh 7 months ago

Imagine people are gonna be posting the movie on YouTube with the title like "STRAWBERRY SLIME TUTORIAL * NO GLUE * VERY EASY"

by An Oreo 7 months ago

Is literally nobody talking about how Peggy is now a Disney Princess?

by EnderExen 7 months ago

Now the world can see the room where Hamilton happened

by skitz 7 months ago

i can’t be the only one getting goosebumps when lin said “next friday” and “next weekend” like omg IT’S SO CLOSE NOW

by katie wilding 7 months ago

seeing him on stage and hearing him say “alexander hamilton. my name is alexander hamilton” without the cheering and applause just.........hits different

by samiha hamzayeva 7 months ago

Omg his sons pointing to the sky... Pride is not the word I'm looking for 😍😍😍

by arwen_m 77 7 months ago

why is a quiet version of bad guy playing in the background of the first bit

by Taltzi 7 months ago

So wait, this is Hamilton, Hamilton that cost 300+ to more per person on Broadway? Then this is epic, will be watching!!

by Divine Rae 7 months ago

Lin is making us “Wait for it” with “In the Heights” movie

by Luna and Lia Gaming 7 months ago

People: I’m going to cancel my subscription to Disney+
Disney+: Hamilton the broadway show will be released on July 3rd
People: Tell me how to say no to this

Edit: thanks for all the likes! It means a lot! I’m going through some stuff and I’ve been really sad lately so thank you! 6/27/20

by KAMI N 7 months ago

"daddy is the guy who lives at the top of the star"
how adorable are these children

by Eliza Hamilton 7 months ago

My little Colombian heart is beaming with joy after the announcement that there will finally be some Colombian representation that is not about narcos :,,,-) (also bc of the hamilfim lol)

by Sartcasm 7 months ago

He’s so humble and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

by superadam64 7 months ago

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