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Kristin Cavallari opens up about marriage and split from Jay Cutler l GMA

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In an interview with People, the former “Laguna Beach” star also shares how she and the former NFL quarterback are co-parenting their three children.
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Good Morning America photo 1 Kristin Cavallari opens up about... Good Morning America photo 2 Kristin Cavallari opens up about... Good Morning America photo 3 Kristin Cavallari opens up about... Good Morning America photo 4 Kristin Cavallari opens up about...

Lol y’all be doing her dirty with that thumbnail 💀😂

by Charlie 2 months ago

Who ever referred to THEM as “couple goals” ??😂😂😂

by Michael Gary Scott 1 month ago

As one with type 1 diabetes Jay Cutler has to be extremely careful to avoid Covid 19. It's deadly to him and other diabetics.

by David Ellis 2 months ago

I'm just surprised that's on GMA. What is this PR for? But carry on.

by Kelly M. 2 months ago

Poor kids. Marriage is work. From what she’s saying, they had no reason to break up. Selfish.

by Stephanie Bell 2 months ago

If you’re not happy you’re not happy regardless if there’s kids or not as long as you do coparenting why be in a house raising kids together if you are unhappy life is definitely too short!

by krystle gregory 1 month ago

I just hope they can at least co parent well. Sucks it didn’t work out but she’s right, life is too short to feel stuck when you see a way out. Wishing them both happiness!!

by Heather Lynsey 2 months ago

Jay cutler CHASED her for years and she only agreed to date him because er MOTHER convinced her to date a professional football player (😒). Then SHE called off the marriage for about a year before Jay finally convinced her to walk down the isle. She NEVER WANTED HIM!

by TheWholeWorldChannel 2 months ago

She looks angry and crazy. I cant imagine why Jay would want to be far away from her. Poor kids

by 99Shadowwood 2 months ago

Again 🙄 accuses her BFF for cheating yet she continued her show with her husband. She’s so private with her children yet is on every news channel about the divorce. If she wants to take a breath..take a breath.

by Julia Johansson 1 month ago

I'll be honest this is so irrelevant, there is real stuff going on. Lol breaking silence...who cares

by Dan Hossack 2 months ago

POV: you're here for Jay Cutler.

by 435iak 1 week ago

This divorce didn’t surprise us

by SoMo Moo 6 days ago

I thought she said she didn’t wanna talk about it

by Kelly Kim 1 month ago

What about Jay Cutler´s point of view?

by swirlcrop 2 weeks ago

kaylee calm down, that damn tone in her voice

by Sunset River 2 months ago

It’s nobody’s business.

by VR 0303 2 months ago

Just a suggestion. Kristen's could change herself and become a good ex spouse to Jay. Kindness and maybe a little more loveable person to Jay. And realize he might have been a equal match to her instead her not about him because she was a really star. These two working together as a team could achieve greater success. But that not going to happen, those children will be the one who suffers from a divorce. Notice kristen's has gone completely wild and why or for what. My guess when she had a smooching fest with ole boyfriend Stephen that was when Jay slam the door shut for any reunion in there future. He probably already has found a placement young beautiful woman who will love him deeply. 😎😎😎

by Louis Ridgway 1 month ago

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