psych the movie 2 announcement by james roday and dulé hill with

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I want to see this sooooo bad. Love Psych and wish the show was still on Netflix.

by Klara Diquattro 11 months ago

I hope they bring back that Pierre Despereaux guy

by PJ Matthews 1 year ago

Please let Yang's apprentice be in it and of course the main event Shawn and Juliet's wedding

by FoxDemonMaster 11 months ago

This is the best Friday ever.

I'm crying from happiness. 😫😫

by Sabrina Walley 1 year ago

Ughhhh I just love psych!!!!!!!!! I need a couple of more seasons maybe like 20

by Sarah Costa 9 months ago

James roday
you’re my celebrity crush I cannot stop watching you all day I watched all the episodes three times in a row

by XxriseGaming COC 5 months ago

A full time run back on the air 24 episodes a season this show woukd run for 20 years

by Raven Gage 1 year ago

Omg I can’t believe it, just found out about it!!

by Sparkymist 6 months ago

please bring the show back!!

by Lucia Tomas 8 months ago

I wish Pierre Despereaux was coming back 😭 fingers crossed for his return in Psych 3

by veespa 9 months ago

I watched this show with my mother recently and am ecstatic for this!

by Jean likes Art 10 months ago

Pls, do an Italian version

by Duck _ 8 months ago

I was 2 years old when it started! Began to watch it at 7 with mom and brother! My ultimate fav show of all time!! I am watching all the seasons from the start in lockdown!! Its the best!!

by MinaMooh 12 4 months ago


by Chad 11 months ago

I could cry so happy that I am. Absolute favourite show ever made

by xDutch_Hunterx 7 months ago

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