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Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind Anymore...

#minecraft 1.14 survival #colorblind glasses #minecraft challenge #Minecraft But I'm Not Colorblind Anymore #Gaming
Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind Anymore...
I try out colorblind glasses that allow me to see normal colors for the first time in my entire life! This was insane.
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We check out different environments, blocks and colors in Minecraft to see how much they change when I wear the colorblind glasses. I also took a colorblind test before and after to see if the colorblind glasses actually made a difference! This was a crazy experience.

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GeorgeNotFound photo 1 Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind... GeorgeNotFound photo 2 Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind... GeorgeNotFound photo 3 Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind... GeorgeNotFound photo 4 Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind...

This man's a legend, he tests it in Minecraft before real life.

by PotatoPlayzGD 1 month ago

"I'm actually crying."
"cause you're going to see colors."

So wholesome..

by Kamikayzz 1 week ago

“I’m crying”

“Your going to see colors”
I want a friend like that....

by raven_ 6 days ago

"wait you're actually green!?"
"I-I am!"
"wait wait come here come here-"
"you're so cute:)"

by kiwi chan 6 days ago

Its so cute how dreams cares so much about everyoke and they call him 'dad' and like he tears up about this like thats so cute🥺❤

by Hanne De Vuyst 1 week ago

Dream: I'm actually crying
George: why?
Dream: you're gonna see colors

My h e a r t

Edit: 2k likes in 17 minutes w h a t-

by Ashfeather 1 month ago

Logan Paul: ‘stares off into the distance and cries’

George: “wait what you're green”

by Alphatom 100 1 week ago

gender reveal parties with George
explodes pink
George"IT'S A BOY!!!!!!"

by Henry Schaefer 6 days ago

for anyone that doesn't understand why he says they are "darker" he literally has no clue what colors ACTUALLY look like so its pretty mesmerizing, purple for him wasn't purple, thats why he said its a redder blue. hes not familiar with purple

by Marv Dubs 4 days ago

This was so cute honestly. It was so wholesome how George was like “that’s pink!” And how dream was saying “yeah George that’s pink ☺️” I can’tttttt I almost cried when they would say those things. It’s so cute😭

by Amia Delaney 1 week ago

George: there’s nothing

Me: there’s nothing there


me: hold up, STFU!

by Legend Of Link 5 days ago

When he said "I'm tearing up," I heard his voice crack and it was so wholesome

by -K a r m a- 1 week ago

today i was playing among us and someone called a emergency meeting then he said that yellow killed black .... but yellow was dead already and everyone made so fun of him and voted him for being an asshole or a troller ... but after everyone voted for him he said he was colorblind and left the game.....my heart was so much shattered at that moment.. for saying those things and i just want a moment to say sorry to him....... sorry bruv now i feel you after seeing this video.....

by Da VsM 6 days ago

This was so wholesome to see, I'm so happy for you George :]

by Mortal 1 month ago

“That’s like what purple is right? It’a like red-y blue.”

by EraserDustArtGallery 5 days ago

The fact that George is so happy to finnally see colours and be like a kid again is heartwarming ....................

thanks to Dream and George

by 5D51 Tahmid Jawad Dipro 1 week ago

This is interesting. It shows a lot of it could be psychological. He just doesn't know how to look for the differences in the colors with the glasses on. It actually says a lot about how we interpret color.

by Syphist 1 week ago

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