Geopolitics of Austria (my home country)

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Austria just celebrated its national holiday on October 26th. It celebrates that day in 1955, when the last Allied soldiers left the country after a decade of occupation and the country declared "everlasting neutrality". Does a country like that even fit into standard geopolitical analysis? I spoke to the recently retired Brigadier of the Austrian Armed Forces, Walter Feichtinger about that. Feichtinger is now president of the Center for Strategic Analysis in Vienna..
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Gefördert durch die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. Ein Fonds der Stadt Wien, realisiert in redaktioneller Unabhängigkeit.
0:00 Intro.
0:53 Poll: Most Austrians wouldn't defend their country
3:12 Austrians increasingly support neutrality, why?
7:10 Is Austria still a neutral country?.
8:21 Austria's Geostrategic position.
11:34 Did Austria's foreign policy horizon shrink?.
13:52 Should Austria's military receive more funding?.
18:15 Is Trump right in asking Europeans for more military funding?.
20:43 Will Austria's military budget ever reach 2% of GDP?.
23:46 Austria's good relations with countries like Iran, Russia.
25:44 What do the US, Russia and China see in Austria?.
27:22 Is Austria a free rider of NATO?.
29:11 Is Austria's neutrality still necessary?.
32:04 Purpose Austrian military's show on national holiday?.
33:45 How are Soldiers seen in Austrian society?.
34:35 Conclusion Austria's place in the world.
36:27 Outro

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