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Top 100 Rap Songs Of June 2020

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Top Rap Videos and Songs Of The Month - #gentR #rap #blacklivesmatter
Promoted Songs.
* Candle Joseph ft. Chu - Friends and Foes: https://youtu.be/yfvMwKMkM7o
* Miles Abel - Tonight: https://youtu.be/heEW3HSjsYk
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Top Rap Videos and Songs Of The Week
Top 100 Rap Songs of the Month, June 2020
Top 100 Hip-Hop Songs 2020
New Rap 2020
Rap 2020
Hip-Hop 2020
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I'm here to upgrade my Playlist 🦋

by David 2 months ago

I'm just glad 69 wasn't number 1 this month.

by King Kai 2 months ago

I miss the old style of videos already. Just doesn’t feel right

by Matt24 2 months ago

Who’s here to add new songs to their playlist?

by Madrid 2 months ago

The bigger picture is insane

by Buertson I 2 months ago

No one:

My pipe when I wake up:

by Matt 2 months ago

Felt like I should just say this but today I got in a car crash. My mother got injured and it is all my fault. I was wondering if people could just keep her in their thoughts or prayers if possible. Really appreciate it.

by K Love 2 months ago

Who else watches these a lot of times just bc..

by L All 2 months ago

do y’all notice how sum songs r trying to lowkey copy popsmoke

by Damian Acosta 2 months ago

New suscriber, good video, saludos desde México 🇲🇽

by EberAndr3s Rivas 2 months ago

Respect for giving to Lil baby the first place

by Lorenzo Setola 2 months ago

Been a long time since I’ve agreed w/ a top 10 so much

by Dijone Ghost 2 months ago

Who else here to add songs on their playlist ?

by NOT SHAQ 2 months ago

first 10,000 viewers can like😎

by Farid Khan 2 months ago

My Guess: Trollz (feat. Nicki Manaj) by 6ix9ine

by Raff614 2 months ago

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