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Kanye & Travis Scott’s “Wash Us In The Blood” Highlights BLM Protests | Genius News

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Last month, cinematographer Arthur Jafa revealed that Kanye West was readying a new album titled 'God’s Country.' Today, the Chicago rapper began the rollout for that project with the release of his new song, “Wash Us In the Blood,” featuring Travis Scott.
Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/kanye-west-returns-with-new-single-wash-us-in-the-blood-featuring-travis-scott

Read all the lyrics to "Wash Us In The Blood" on Genius: https://genius.com/Kanye-west-wash-us-in-the-blood-lyrics

Watch the official music video for "Wash Us In The Blood": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0U2QUGKbSE

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Genius photo 1 Kanye & Travis Scott’s “Wash... Genius photo 2 Kanye & Travis Scott’s “Wash... Genius photo 3 Kanye & Travis Scott’s “Wash... Genius photo 4 Kanye & Travis Scott’s “Wash...

That is the most wild facial pixelation I done ever seen

by Rauhaan Inamdar 1 month ago

“That’s right I call him Calm-Ye
but don’t take me the wrong way
Cause God took me a long way!”

I guess you guys forgot to put the last sentence.

by Liliya Leto 1 month ago

Man I was laughing and I was a bit confused at first as to why he put footage of GTA 5 in there but after a few minutes of interpretation i think it’s a callback to the “grand theft auto we in a game we in a game” line off of Law of Attraction. I think he was trying to say the crazy events that we have going on right now are something straight out of Grand Theft Auto. Overall the video was amazing.

by 1,500 subscribers with no videos ? 1 month ago

I love how they skip "You know it's fake if it's in the news".

by The Random 1 month ago

Kanye West is the greatest artist of all time, weep if you want.

by Yeezy Bound 1 month ago

this was such a low effort breakdown

by Crayons 1 month ago

Travis: how much for a feature? Kanye: well yes but actually no

by Misty 1 month ago

I thought this whole Kanye Jesus era was gonna be wack until I heard the leaks for this song, PURE HEAT 🔥

by Troy 1 month ago

This breakdown is weak, it’s not really Black Lives Matter

Kanye has been on record to be against Black Lives Matter

The music video is much deeper, it’s pretty much how people are a slave to the culture, and how we need to unite through the word of God in order to end the chaos

by Just My Opinion 1 month ago

The censored him and took him off #1 trending and it’s not the first
Time that’s what you should be talking about buddy

by Public Truth 1 month ago

Message to all Genius fans: Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

by Mopp 1 month ago

kanye should’ve called the album “jeezus”

by Andisa Magopeni 1 month ago

kanye west is the greatest artist of all time.

by poodle smith 1 month ago

I don't know why but I feel that this album can be revolutionary it just feels like Kanye is hungry again.

by SurneX 1 month ago

If you think this is highlighting protest you missed the point... also execution isn't a contradiction to Mosaic Law (10 commandment). You shall not MURDER. is what it really says, which is different. Execution by the state can be murder if done without evidence of justified crime. Read EXODUS, LEVITICUS , and DEUTERONOMY.
Jesus is the truth my brothers and sisters! 🙏

by nathan serna 1 month ago


The real message of this song is being forgiven from sin. Sin is what causes so much of the world's chaotic disasters. BUT just because the gospel is brought up, why do we label religious. This isn't a religious song. I'm so sick and tired of the media labeling Kanye's music as "religious music". This is by no means a religious song, this is real music. By no means if I were, let say a "Christian". And my day to day living was being a "plumber". Does that make me a "christian plumber". No I'm just a freaking plumber. Just because God is mentioned everybody labeling my brother religious. We need G O D more than anything during this time of crisis anyways. Let my brother just be Kanye and a artist alone.
mucho love.

by Clemente Jr Hernandez 1 month ago

This video is about the moral degradation of our society and its ONLY Hope for change... THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!! HOLY SPIRIT COME DOWN, WE NEED YOU NOW!!!!

by Israel Jesus 1 month ago

Don’t forget this whole video shows that Jesus is not happy with the world, thats why the man with The long hair was sad and worried at the same time looking at what is happening in America. Bad Job Genuis!!!

by Impossible Possible 1 month ago

People think Kanye is crazy and he may be but he also speaks a lot of truth and we only call home crazy cause it just goes over our head.

by Noe Adams 1 month ago

It actually highlights more than just the BLM protests. Kanye knows whats up yall should stay woke👀. The Great Awakening🙏🙏🙏

by Laflame World 1 month ago

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