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What Happens on The Battle Bus, Stays on The Battle Bus (Fortnite Animations)

GamingWithGarry photo 1 What Happens on The Battle... GamingWithGarry photo 2 What Happens on The Battle... GamingWithGarry photo 3 What Happens on The Battle... GamingWithGarry photo 4 What Happens on The Battle...


by Euro 4 weeks ago

Why they have a Christmas tree on top of the bus and there is a person on the tree and that man was grabbing gifts out his beard and the kitty so cute🥺

by TdChicago 4 weeks ago

Jules claps
Meowowscoles and mando came out
Midas oh no I’m out yeet

by R Knollman 4 weeks ago

Sad and that Kitty was with he's dad lol

by Tyler Petion 1 week ago

Wait how did Midas touch Jules without turning her to gold

by Adam Yousef 4 weeks ago

He else realizes that the snowball didn't turn gold when midas touched it?

by SNEAKYY_GH0ST 4 weeks ago

Day 1 of me saying random things chicken nuggets

by rjrblx 4 weeks ago

Midas: throws a snow ball at Jules

Jules: try me

by poke wizard 4 weeks ago

If i was the cat when the video start and they got i dog me be like
WTF thats not

by salem alhameli 4 weeks ago

That gold thing is from anime brag on ball z ntw

by buddy kilburn 4 weeks ago

Thank you for theme in this movie I love you so much I mean it’s so far what happens on the battle bus stays on the battle bus is a Christmas cheer and eight I love you movie and thanks for putting it on I’m gonna like you

by Spirit Wilkerson 4 weeks ago

Wouldn’t Midas throwing a snowball at Jules kill her because it would turn to a hard piece of gold

by Beast FN 4 weeks ago

Why do people call the mandalorian amando
No sense why people call him amando
Edit: lol I'm stupid they call him Mando I found out when I was playing fortnite (don't judge me for playing fortnite when I'm a girl)

by Domi Gaming ! Gaming Channel 4 weeks ago

why does he not get many views when he has over a mil subs

by Bman Brady 4 weeks ago

Bru in every vid pictuure in these type of vids its a guy looking at a girls bum

by Joesam290 roblox 4 weeks ago

Big time to get a hold of me when I have to work tomorrow morning to see if you want me to pick him up or something for you and I could meet you at 2

by deniro allen 4 weeks ago

the gun was jammed so she got a new one

by JMan K 4 weeks ago

When they first opened I thought it was a peanut butter jar

by William Harbison 4 weeks ago

That’s so good but it it’s a little too loud in my dreams bro

by Lindsey Lambert 1 week ago

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