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State of Play Livestream | PlayStation

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This State of Play episode is weighing in at 40+ minutes(!). Sony PlayStation has a great lineup in store featuring plenty of new gameplay footage and other game updates.

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GameTrailers photo 1 State of Play Livestream |... GameTrailers photo 2 State of Play Livestream |... GameTrailers photo 3 State of Play Livestream |... GameTrailers photo 4 State of Play Livestream |...

Sony fans: This is disappointing
Nintendo Fans: First time?

by Echang Wang 1 month ago

Not bad. Godfall's combat, esp the shield part seems heavily inspired by GOW reboot

by Dan 1 month ago

"Crash will have no microtransactions"
Funny, I seem to remember hearing the same about CTR.
But those were patched in post-launch, weren't they?

by Tyler Kelly 1 month ago

If you missed the stream and havenโ€™t watched it yet, imma spoil it for ya.

It was mostly indie and pixel games.

by Humorous Pixel295 1 month ago

This was meant for 3rd party publishers quit your crying ๐Ÿ˜‚

by DestroyNations 1 month ago

They should call it the state of indie gameplay

by Walid Saeed 1 month ago

I dont know what the hell you people are talking about.....the event was great excellent....

by MadDog Mcgruder 1 month ago

Lol why are people complaining? I see a lot of cool fun games for the PS4. Not every game has to be a AAA title for the next gen and not every studio has that kind of budget.

by Jonathan Peralta 1 month ago

I'm seeing a lot of disappointment here and despite not even mainly playing on PlayStation, I thought it was fine for what they said the event was going to be.

by Rouskyrie2094 1 month ago

Crash Bandicoot 4
Hit Man 3
Braid Anniversary Edition
Genshin Impact
Aon Must Die
Anno Mutationem
Vader Immortal
Auto Chess
The Pedestrian
Hood Outlaws & Legends

by Shining MissingNo. 1 month ago

I think this is fine since Sony also has all of the other recent livestreams AND the PS5.

by Illecebram 1 month ago

It was fine, but didn't exactly hype me either.

by Timm 1 month ago

The event they said was going to be Ps4 and vr the ps5 one is next it's fine people ๐Ÿ˜‚

by leonz pow 1 month ago

Thought Hood looked interesting! Thatโ€™s about all for me! Godfall combat, animations and enemies looked super mediocre. Bit surprised!

by Iain Roberts 1 month ago

This one was pretty good. Granted I'm not a PlayStation fan, but I don't think it was bad by any means

by Dr. Jotaro Robotnick 1 month ago

There were maybe 3 things here I even remotely cared about Jesus Christ

by Classyyert 1 month ago

Yea so that leaked schedule was 100% wrong lmao

by JaSK 1 month ago

I love how people are complaining about indie games . Gamepass has a huge library of indie games . What a bunch of hypocrites . Indie games are important too . Not just triple A games . Look at Fall Guys ! Indie game and it blew up .

by Fox 74 1 month ago

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