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Among Us Logic | Cartoon Animation

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Player is back at it again, this time in Among Us; a game where impostors and deception lurk around every corner. Will he be able to figure out who is good and who is evil? And even if he does, will his crewmates believe him... ?.
Featuring, ๐Ÿก† Abigail Turner - https://www.abigailturnervo.com/
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Red: He's wearing two top hats, only a insane person would do that

Toppat Leader: He's very right

by Emmanuel Peniche Espinosa 4 months ago

(in Among us Logic 14)
SirClogsWorth: Angel's down here for violating the kill cooldown.
Mr Cheese: Ohhh, so that explains in the first episode!

Now that's some serious dedication to the continuity

by Shane Marshall 1 week ago

โ€œThat explains in the first episode.โ€
- Mr. Cheese, episode 14.

by a fish 1 week ago

Whos here to see angle chet after here in about it

by Spencer Cooper 1 week ago

I remember watching this when it first came out! a True Classic!

by MarioMaster 973 1 month ago

Lolllll this is the best cartoon ever of Among Us!!!

by Ray Mak 4 months ago

"only an insane person would wear 2 top hats"
reignald: *trigged *

by Ruby 1 month ago

Mr: cheese introduces himself
Gentleman: so you have chosen death

by Viewer gamer 4 weeks ago

Isnโ€™t it weird how they are in the miraHQ map but when someone is ejected they are in space.


by Yoda 1 month ago

Red: "I saw purple vent."
Purple: "No."

Red was not An Impostor

by Kaix7_ 4 months ago

angel: the gentleman sends his regards
Player:(confused and scared) wut the?

by Rayhan Hamis 1 month ago

when my mom says there is school today.
"Do you got like..any serious evidence..?"

by Karen Kate 3 weeks ago

Player: So this is the humongous game everyone's talking about ( Captions)

by Mustapha Charara 2 weeks ago

Iโ€™m just watching all this back rose sounds a lot like mother

by Bert aroo 1 week ago

Typical among us game :
Red : * goes out of the vent*
Blue : * breaths*
Everyone : BlUe Is SuS

by Gogy Dude 4 months ago

Player: states so much logical evidence
Stoner: do you have any more evidence compadre
Me: what the frick

by SupremePleb 2 weeks ago

"Say, why do they call you Stoner anyways?"
"I'm a geology major, ya feel me?"
"I sure do Stoner. Rocks are dope"

I love the puns in this interaction! XD

by Erin Bathie-Moore 1 month ago

why didn't the gentle man say โ€œgeneral kenobiโ€œ, isn't he a true star wars fan? :)

by Smart Linus 1 month ago

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