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Among Us Logic 9 | Cartoon Animation

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Player and Mr. Cheese investigate Veteran. There's only three players left in alive on The Skeld, so it's got to be him that's the final remaining impostor? Right...?
Featuring, ๐Ÿก† Abigail Turner - https://www.abigailturnervo.com/
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My name Mr. Cheese. Preorder my t-shirt just in time for the holidays hah! Get it now or else! :)

-Mr Cheese

by GameToons 1 month ago

Player really out here accusing players who scanned right in front of him and wonders why he never wins

by Katie Hartley 1 month ago

Only those who could do card swipe in 'one' go can like here.

by Chau Bich Thoa 1 month ago

I'm so invested in The Gentlemen and Mr.Cheese/Mr. Egg's relationship

by Juan Hernandez 1 month ago

Wait a minute there in space suits so whatโ€™s the point of putting on duck tape ._.

by Cyan Crewmate 1 month ago

Everybody gangsta until Mr.Cheese says he ISN'T Mr.Cheese

by lami3790 lami3790 1 month ago

"You're gonna sing like a little canary. Tweet tweet! HEhHEheh." - Mr. Cheese

by J-pod 1 month ago

player: YES I WON mr cheese: congrats player YOU GET TO SEE VETERIAN DIE

by Shotisym 1 month ago

Caiptin: scans in front of Player
Player: He's the impostor! I saw him kill poopyfarts and goober!!!!!

by Joel Cuevas 1 month ago

When Mr cheese said your going to sing like a little Canary tweet tweet I couldnโ€™t stop laughing

by Hynn Chay Cheung 1 month ago

Player is a little dumb right now, how did he NOT see captainโ€™s scan...

by CHH LX 1 month ago

How to tell when Mr. Cheese is the Impostor:
Mr. Gentleman dies instantly (unless he is the other impostor)

by Ryan 2 weeks ago

โ€œWe all got the invitation cpt, trust me.โ€
Poor cpt lol

by Barry Macockiner 1 month ago

Mr.cheese: the silly cop
Me: not an option

by Alejandro A 1 month ago

I love how mr cheese said โ€œcongratulations you live player and get to watch him die...โ€

by Keebler Elf 4 weeks ago

Great job guys! Mr Cheese is the cheesiest killer we will ever see! But this is why we love him so much!

by STORY Ingrid Surprise 1 month ago

Did Veteran just say Cicis Pizza? I love going there!!!

by Ian Perez 1 month ago

gets slapped

(Edit 1: Thanks Makai, i didnt know)

by roselove911 1 month ago

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