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Among Us Logic 2 | Cartoon Animation

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Player is sick of losing as a Crewmate in Among Us. But this round at the Skeld he takes matters into his own hands as the Impostor. Will he be able to get away with eliminating all the crewmates? Or will he get caught in the act and lose yet again....
Featuring, ๐Ÿก† Abigail Turner - https://www.abigailturnervo.com/
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โ€sometimes the crewmates kill more than the imposters.โ€


by Key Epic 3 months ago

I love this series. Love the animation and humour.

by Kshitij Tyagi 1 month ago

I guess everybodyโ€™s gonna ignore the fact that MrCheese was ejected while he was still in space


by Cosmic Mayhem 3 weeks ago

The colors were brighter than it was later in the Animations

by The MayhemGamer 3 weeks ago

Mother: OH MY GOD!
Bro: w h e r e .

by Gelatin 2 weeks ago

The mother is too wholesome. She is invincible because of it

by Zilla 2004 3 months ago

I really wish I could win as the impostor, I love MrCheese but he ruined it.

by Sneaky Sasquatch 1 month ago

No one:
Ninja: speaks japanese
Captions: Jesus decision

by Bone 1 week ago

Dont feel bad Player, The minis do that to everyone.

by WolfLifeFurever 1 month ago

The Animation is Amazing!

by FakerUp 3 months ago

"All in favor for voting ninja into the cold dark infinite void of space say aye"

by xxGaming Pro12xx 2 weeks ago

Me after being wrongfully ejected

by Pakwa Aponi 3 weeks ago

Player: shut up Mrcheese
Mrcheese: what did you want to say that for?
Player: BECAUSE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Shukhrat Mukhamadulloev 1 week ago

Among Us boom on youtube ๐Ÿ’ฅ

by Cambo Fixing 3 months ago


by fundal rants 4 days ago

I wish they continued this play style in the other animations intead of in the newer ones where in the first meeting Player gets voted out first every single time.

by Plant Gang 2 weeks ago

i love mother's reaction when Mr cheese was stabbing gobbler

by Akira Cooley 1 week ago

Gentleman: Bullying is bad.
also Gentleman: SHUT UP MR. CHEESE!

by KILLIAN GLENNEY 4 weeks ago

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