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Among Us Logic 15 | Cartoon Animation

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Player, Captain and Mr. Cheese are on the run from killer Among Us mod zombies! And to make matters worse, no one knows who the deadly impostors are either! Can Player survive on Polus long enough to unravel the sinister plot before him? Or will he just die per usual...
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The animations are so good โค๏ธ

by Jumbo 4 weeks ago

I just realized that when it cut to Captains screen, it had a kill button..
I feel so stupid XD

by The Solanum Lycopersicum 6 days ago

Stoner looks so adorable when heโ€™s buried in the ground

by Arohpes Deray 4 weeks ago

Fun Fact: Mr. Cheese was voiced by Master0fHyrule

by AR_RobloxRam 3 weeks ago

"The game is called Among Us, not Among I."
-Mr Cheese, 2021

by estark07 2 weeks ago

We learned a valuable lesson guys. Never avoid someone who likes you. They will play among us with you and cause a computer virus.

by SMToon Viแป‡t Nam 4 weeks ago

I find it funny that this series is called "among us logic" but the more into the story we go the less among us logic actually applies to this series XDD

by IrfanDoesWhat 4 weeks ago

Mr. cheese: Toe Toe just likes to gave love nibbles!

by sourkea sam 3 weeks ago

Maybe the nest few episodes can be about the new Among us mods that are being made, (Medic, Jester, Sherriff etc.)

by Truly Jurassic 4 weeks ago

That dog is dangerous๐Ÿ˜‚

by LInk02 4 weeks ago

I guess part 16 comes out tomorrow!

by ZorLink21 4 weeks ago

Mr cheese is so damn funny lol "its called among us not among I ok buddy" LMAO!!!

by EXTRA Xtreme Kids 3 weeks ago

I'm shocked that nobody talked about the bravery that took place. Mr. Cheese went against the command and made the ultimate sacrifice so that he could give Player a chance to win. Then Player TOTALLY screwed it up

by Jared Mason 4 weeks ago

The animations are so good โค๏ธ โค๏ธ โค๏ธ โค๏ธ

by Larva Rewind 4 weeks ago

Everyone: Bring Mr Cheese back! Everyone after Mr cheese was back: he became a jerk...

by Bruh moment 4 weeks ago

Player: Thx bestie
Mr. Egg: Imma bout to end this whole manโ€™s career

by carole rashid 4 weeks ago

Anyone notice that TheGentelman wasnโ€™t there? This Is the first episode

by Cayden Z Studios 4 weeks ago

โ€œWe were almost puppy chow because of you!โ€
-Player 2021

by Cammy Mallari 1 week ago

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