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The Last Of Us Part 2 - ALL GAMEPLAY SO FAR

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A compilation of all the gameplay we've seen from TLOU Part II so far.
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#The Last Of Us Part 2 PS4

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EDIT: Fuck this game, I’m gonna wait for Cyberpunk 2077

by Steven Vu 11 months ago

The gameplay almost looks like a cinematic experience.

by Jonathan Moreno 10 months ago

The last of us part one
Me: i wanna play as Ellie
The last of us part 2
Me,: i wanna play as joel

by ραяκ ςнαєγουиg 7 months ago

This covid-19 simulator 2020 looks so good!! 😎👊

by Cacho Castaña 6 months ago

YouTube getting a little to comfortable with these double ads.

by MrCrazy Camando 8 months ago

It’s ironic how a game about an outbreak is delayed because of an outbreak

by Wilma Salomonsson 5 months ago

Can someone tell me why Ellie is wearing a gas mask ? I guess she's hiding the fact that she's immune.

by Dante Dingle 9 months ago

Every time I watch this, I am just astounded at how fluid the combat feels, especially around

by Chaos Knight 8 months ago

I have seen all of the leaked footage and I won’t say any spoilers so don’t worry but although the plot is weird and it’s getting some bad feedback the game still looks incredible I know there is going to be some great parts that will leave your jaw dropping the graphics are incredible and I think you shouldn’t judge it until you buy the game and play for yourself the leaked parts is only a fraction of the game and there is going to be so much more naughty dog will not let you down and I know it

by Slab 4 months ago

My mind : I m watching gameplay
Also my mind: No i m watching a suspense thriller

by Rohit Kadyan 10 months ago

Anyone know why ellie wears the mask around spores now? Is she doing it so no one knows shes immune? Idk

by Miles Howard 9 months ago

Amazing level of detail at as Ellie can't believe that they shot their own guy and looks at the dying guy and the archer in disbelief. Can be made out by the frantic headshake. Game of the year!

by Palash Sharma 5 months ago

This looks amazing. The graphics, atmosphere, tension, and violence are on another level.

by Skinwalker 1976 9 months ago

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