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STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer NEW (2020) Sci-Fi Action HD

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STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer NEW (2020) Sci-Fi Action HD
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GameClips photo 1 STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer... GameClips photo 2 STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer... GameClips photo 3 STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer... GameClips photo 4 STAR WARS SQUADRONS Cinematic Trailer...

Star Wars Squadrons Full Cinematic Movie -

by GameClips 2 weeks ago

They need more movies and games... where they focus on dark side development and characters. I want more dark side origin stories!

by Matthew Coast - Relationship Advice 1 month ago

When this guy has more character development than Finn did in 3 movies....

by tr1p1ea 3 weeks ago

ohhh, so that's why they call them Thai Fighters.

by Dreamwave 2 weeks ago

Congrats this TIE pilot has more emotional and character development than Rey or Finn in a 7 minute trailer compared to 3 movies.

by Christopher Skase 2 weeks ago

You know this trailer did its job when it had you on that imps side...

by Aidan Ronay 1 month ago

Pleased dont be another "imperial turns rebel" story.

by Bernhard Labus 3 weeks ago

Honestly a pretty good trailer... only problem was that EA logo.

by John Reed 4 weeks ago

โ€œwar is over impโ€
โ€œimp? you should have stopped at dwarfโ€

by larshoneytoast33 2 weeks ago

Why do I feel more emotional attachment to a loyal imperial pilot in a nine minute video game short than Rey, who had 3 movies worth of films to develop?

by Just A reader 3 weeks ago

These guys should make another two hours of this so we can just forget the movies ever existed

by Rohin Gupta 2 weeks ago

Disney, what's stopping you from making a TV Show or Film look like this level of quality?

by Indy Sidhu 1 month ago

Wait wait are they showing the imperial as actual thinking human beings and not just cannon fodder

by Iโ€™m just a Question? 1 month ago

This grasped my attention so fast, it was intense and I was rooting for the TIE pilot in less than a minute, this is how star wars should be

by JakeIsCalling 1 month ago

This is a game? Should have been a movie.

I'd watch this

by TACHO 3 weeks ago

This game has me so hyped about it. The only thing I'm afraid of is that EA logo...

by Mikazuki 2 weeks ago

Plot Twist: The TIE Interceptor pilot is a member of the band The HU.

by TripleR 1 month ago

This Ghost of Tsushima DLC looks weird.

by DarthWall275 1 month ago

When the Star Destroyer jumped with the TIE Interceptor just outside I verbally said
โ€B R U Hโ€

by chr0min0id 04 3 weeks ago

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