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If people find bugs and glitches in this game we can call it โ€œMagicโ€

by Luckyโž 1 week ago

Is going to be the Harry Potter role playing game our inner child always WANTED

by Bimo Prasetyo 4 days ago

friends: how many times have you seen this trailer?
me: yes

by ARY4MIK 1 day ago

The elder Hogwarts' scrolls: Wizard Soul edition

by Dojin 5 days ago

This epic version of Hedwig's theme is something I needed in my life

by Hello Dolly 5 days ago

Now we just need a good Lord of the rings open world game and every dream we ever had back in the 2000s come true ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Zul278 1 week ago

This game looks crazy. I really hope they don't ruin it

by EviLSockMonkeys 4 days ago

I rewatched all the Harry potters movies through quarantine and was like damn they should do an open world game on this. I am happy it came to reality this soon for me lol

by scottie storch 4 days ago


by CORN HUB 3 days ago

โ€œyou still want a harry potter game after all this time?โ€


by Chris_bev_ 5 days ago

I cant wait to finish the game and for J.K. Rowling to write to me personally telling my my character actually had a foot fetish the whole time.

by Huskarian Geist 1 week ago

Not gonna even bother to lie, if I had magic, I would mainly use it to pull pranks on muggles.

by Raziel354 5 days ago

I am curious about several things actually. The things I want to know are as follows: Can the character be sorted in all four houses or just one? Can we create characters with certain abilities like pasletongue, metamorphi, adapt in the Dark Arts or other unique abilities.

Personally I hope this is a what if time line so that we may actually mess everything up (like preventing Riddle from being born/taking over Wizarding Brittain as a Dark Lord/Lady, find and unite the Deathly Hallows) thing like that.

by Edwin van Ooijen 6 days ago

I love how the trailer shows all these epic quests in the outside world when people really just want this game to dick around Hogwarts

by serendipity 5 days ago

I hope this wasnโ€™t as bad as the other Harry Potter-Portkey Games they did in mobile before.. a lot of people were hyped about the game but it came out disappointing ๐Ÿ˜ž

by cairel resurreccion 4 days ago

"I'VE DONE MY WAITING!!!!! 12 YEARS!!!! In azkaban..."

by Kenny Rodriguez 1 week ago

If they make it like a Skyrim game set in the land of hogwarts the couldnโ€™t go wrong.

by Yo sSimpL 5 days ago

Not really a Harry Potter fan, but this game looks like it could be really cool

by J Ecker 6 days ago

Hogwarts Legacy and Elder Scrolls VI at 2021, please!!!

by Gonza 6 days ago

Ok if this is all 7 years of Hogwarts then this is a 100% win

by Aisha Javed 4 days ago

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