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Fluffy Goes To India | Gabriel Iglesias

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Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!

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I am Indian but... This guy's indian accent is more indian than ours 🤣🤣

by Yatrik Amrutiya 7 months ago

Gabriel: Let me get this straight. There's a lot of crime. Don't stay out late. Don't eat any of the food from the street vendors, and Don't drink the water. Why does that sound familiar? THATS MEXICO!

by Iris A 1 day ago

He is hilarious because he can imitate voices lol. Not many comedians can do that

by Kevin Smith 8 hours ago

America dad: ooooo what there's a dead guy.
America Wife : Billy get the camera

by Luis Martinez 1 day ago

Fluffy Goes To India. The title itself gave him more than 10 million views.

by Aditya Jejurkar 2 days ago

We Indians are the only one who say Holy Cow and mean it.!!!

by Iyrah 5 months ago

Seeing cow on road
Gabriel: holy shit
Driver: no sir it's Holy Cow

by ashish sharma 1 week ago

We Indians know discrimination is bad... .so we don't differentiate between left and right .... Road is road... It's called equality 🤣😂

by Kuki Bhagabati 1 week ago

I have Indian friend, and always wondered why he turns down my burgers lol.. now I know

by Lance Lee 2 hours ago

Favourite drink in india is fanta 😂😂😂

Tea : am i a joke to you

by Sawan Gulia 1 week ago

As an Indian, I had to pause and check if I really moved my head that much.
Turns out, I do.

by Ayush Verma 8 months ago

Has anybody noticed he goes "fluffier/fatter" to be funny...like a black comedian goes blacker to be funny?

by Mateo Leoz 3 days ago

Bruh I'm an Indian and hearing this literally made me laugh louder than the audience

by Niki_from_below 4 hours ago

People who got offended
Just don't watch standup comedy if u can't take it
This isn't offensive at all
I'm Indian too

by Kpop Addictive 1 day ago

I'm Indian and I didn't know we liked Fanta so much.

by Anugraha Deborah 8 months ago

Am i the only one who feels that Gabriel speaks "Indian accent" more accurate than Indians itself 😂

by Prince Kushwaha 1 week ago

“THATS MEXICO” I’m dead 🤣

by Bam Bam 2 days ago

His Indian accent is hilarious! And yes, horn is "the" language on the Indian streets.

by Priyam Ganguly 1 week ago

Irony: Germans invented Fanta. It is a drink from the Nazi period.

by xellossaxon 1 week ago

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