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FYB J Mane “Long Live Duck” (Music Video)

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FYB J MANE photo 1 FYB J Mane “Long Live... FYB J MANE photo 2 FYB J Mane “Long Live... FYB J MANE photo 3 FYB J Mane “Long Live... FYB J MANE photo 4 FYB J Mane “Long Live...

“BDK for queen Von”😭💀

by Domo 1 month ago

Rip FBG DUCK. We gonna miss that hype music. He's a beast.

by zack zazer 1 month ago

Can’t get anymore disrespectful than j mane Rip Big Clout

by j coronark84 1 month ago

Von be telling story’s I do this shi for real 😳

by MalikDaGoat 5 3 weeks ago

This song is under rated asf should be a mill already

by Blackout 1 month ago

Never understood how both sides say..."aint slide for yo homie" but both sides be losing people 🤔

by Jo Smith 1 month ago

And the cycle continues.....

Find out what happens next week on:
"The war in chiraq"

by Rizztana _ 1 month ago

Did he say he grew up BD for duck he cracking Trey's that shows loyalty rightthere

by thakid * 3 weeks ago

This song way more disrespectful than ducks he named LA and Fredo he’ll see duck soon😭

by Eat Grime 1 week ago

"They call me Mr. Disrespectful because i diss they dead" RIP Big Clout 💯

by TrapGod95 xxx 1 month ago

rest in paradise DUCK🦆🙏🏻🦆🙏🏻🦆🙏🏻🦆🙏🏻

by bob 1 month ago

Grew up bd but for duck I'm crackin treys... Shows how much of a real nigga big clout was... May his soul rest in peace.. Jmaine keep going hard broski

by Luke Jacobs 1 month ago

“Nah I see some stairs ima head up the stairs” 😂😂 ain’t gonna get caught inna elevator

by DJ SirG 1 month ago

We need rooga to drop his long live duck tht shit sounded crazy rip vig clout

by yu cunt 1 month ago

Wooski would go hard on this beat 🔥😈

by 203official 1 month ago

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