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Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

FutureVEVO photo 1 Future - Life Is Good... FutureVEVO photo 2 Future - Life Is Good... FutureVEVO photo 3 Future - Life Is Good... FutureVEVO photo 4 Future - Life Is Good...

Friends: Stop changing the song don't kill our vibe

Me: It's the same song

by H2R VISION 3 days ago

One random person who like this will be rich in 2 years.

by Pedro Cole 1 day ago

Director: so Lambo? Ferrari? McLaren?
Drake: Garbage Truck
Director: ... ok... location. Mansion? Mall? Car dealership?
Drake: McDonalds

by RIP Juice WRLD RIP X 2 days ago

Future: Let's show the world that we'd still survive without rap.
Drake: Yeyeyeyeyeye.

by Eliza Anderson 1 day ago

LIl xan: Nobody can have more trash than me on a song

Future: Hold my garbage truck ( No this song isn't trash but Lil xan is)

by CTRLnitehawk _ 2 days ago

"Doing homework on the weekend like usual"
"Starting to fail classes like usual" "mom yell at me bout my grades so I told her k so what"

by jj robinson 10 months ago

Someone dislike because not have naked woman

by potato 2 days ago

True story: Before listening to this song i was very sad because i did not have any friends but after listening to this i still don't have any friends but life is good

by Sad guy 11 hours ago

Do u ever just see a comment and be like "I wish I commented that"

by Darjin GrG 1 day ago

Drake got 1 minute in this 5 minutes video and people are like "Did you hear that new drakeโ€™s song ?": ๐Ÿ˜‚

by KingHustle 10 months ago


Me when I sing this song: jajsldakkahksaw UHH, jjadjadkaksja UHH, ajdkaasbaksj UHH

by Diana Romero Caรฑon 3 days ago

Nf: makes a song with garbage truck

Future: write that down write that down!!

by PantheR 1 day ago

How many people are watching this today???

by H2R VISION 1 day ago

Drake: "Can we do a song together?"
Future: "Yes."
Lets use different beats tho

by BeanDip 10 months ago

Letโ€™s see how many people are watching this today on Friday November 20th.

by Dr. Trash 2 days ago

Director: "So How many jobs do you want in the video"
Drake&Future: "Yes"

by [LUV] TJ 3 minutes ago

Future: lets work at every job then lets find the money and make a clip to the song
Drake: yes ฤฑsnt

by Abdulkadir Tanrฤฑverdi 1 day ago

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