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MasterChef Season 5 Most Heated Moments part 2

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Leslie laughs like an anime villain who hasn't showed his true power yet

by Codes 2 months ago

Cutter is that one kid who argues with the teacher and gets everyone into more trouble because he wouldn't shut up.

by Oliver Ortiz 1 month ago

joes attitude is the equivalent as to when your teacher gets back and says never in my 25 years of teaching have i received a note from a substitute this bad.

by Nicolas Sandoval 1 month ago

"I'm saving three people chef, I'm a man of integrity. "
"Who will you choose?"

"Me, Myself and I."

by Thaddeus Ng 3 weeks ago

The end of this video showcased the talents of the 3 hosts:
Gordon: Flaying the fish to perfection
Elliot: Cooks the food Beautifully
Joe: Sits there the whole time, eats the food, acts like a douchebag

by Cristiano Leal 1 month ago

Cutter: "You don't have to eat it.
Joe: "Don't tell me how to do my job."

Proceeds not to eat it

by Shupidesu 1 month ago

Everyone was mad at Leslie because heโ€™s care free and loves himself. Good for him. They see his potential and are intimidated.

by Ki TheG 1 month ago

The judges are described perfectly in the "preparing the fish" section. Gordon cuts the fish, Graham prepares it and Joe just fucking eats it

by No one 1 month ago

Leslie : "he puts a knife on my back, its fine i have plenty of knife on my back" damn i felt that

by Marsnata jadwaa Kurniawan 4 weeks ago

Leslie and Cutter: fights
Dan: panicking
Willie: lmao wtf

by tek sapport 1 month ago

I love how peaceful masterchef Canada is and then america is just pure chaos.

by Agyo 2 months ago

Cutter was the kind of person you wanted to punch in the face as a kid but couldn't because he was bigger. Then he grows up without ever being put in his place and becomes the douche canoe you see here.

by MrSatchelpack 4 weeks ago

Gordon: immaculately fileting a salmon
Graham: making a delicious entree out of the filets
Joe: makes no effort whatsoever and just eats it

by Gaystation 1 week ago

Plot twist: Leslie is just Gordon who time traveled back

by NJ_ 16 1 month ago

It is Nice to see leslie laughing his lungs out when someone is mean to him. He is the new joker

by Matthijs van Emous 5 days ago

Cutter: we should send Leslie home
Leslie: hhehehe... hahahahaahaha..HAHHAHAHAAHHAA

by Muffin Chip 4 months ago

Imagine bringing your daughter to a restaurant for dinner, and all you hear is Gordon Ramsay ripping into the soul of the chefs that are cooking your food.

by Sahil Warsariya 1 month ago

I hated Leslie at the start of the season, yet the longer it went on, the more he became one of my favorite contestants in all of masterchef

by Jaxson Shoemaker 1 week ago

Why is that as soon as leslie says something positive they just go out of there way to bully him like they say stuff like shut up and cook. The only reason hes speaking in the first place is because the judges asked him too lol.

by Josh and Olly Plays 1 week ago

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