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Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE

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An inside look at how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos built one of the largest and most influential economic forces in the world — and the cost of Amazon’s convenience.
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Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man in the world, he has built a business that is without precedent in the history of American capitalism. His power to shape everything from the future of work to the future of commerce to the future of technology is unrivaled. As politicians and regulators around the world start to consider the global impact of Amazon — and how to rein in Bezos’ power — FRONTLINE investigates how he executed a plan to build one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.
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I own two brick and mortar businesses, and run one household. My purchases to keep them all running smoothly are pretty high. I've never used Amazon. I'm reallly happy to have never given them a penny. I'm always disappointed to hear my customers talk about how much they use it. A lot. Mom and Pops were already dying. Now Covid is the final nail in the coffin. Breaks my heart.

by M. C. 3 weeks ago

There is a better way to deal with Alexa: Dont buy it!

by Cosmo Dookie 1 week ago

Amazon is on my businesses blacklist, thank you for telling me how corrupt bazos is.

by garbage binny 3 days ago

Whenever I'm having conversations either siri or Alexa keep responding its horrifying

by Korndogs Intrepid Tech 4 days ago

Americans in the 1970s : "Careful with phone calls the feds could be wiretapping you" Americans in 2020: "Wiretap what's the weather like today"

by Matt S 11 months ago

Never bought nothing off amazon yet and I'm almost 50

by WJT WJT 1 day ago

James Marcus has the unmitigated gall to refer to a human being as "God?" All the money ever printed or ever to be printed is not worthy of such a title. This is the fundamental problem with the Taubob - he has a history of manufacturing Gods with his hands or his very narrow mind.

by TalibQuran 3 days ago

He looks like Gargamel from the Smurfs 👹 Both physically and character-wise.. Even his evil laugh is similar ☠️

by bahar dan 2 weeks ago

My daughter bought me one of those Alexa things and I took it back; I felt like there was a stranger in my house.

by Leslie Young 1 month ago

Inspiring & kinda terrifying

by VEE3RDEYE 3 months ago

I worked for Amazon in a fulfillment center for 1 day. I have never been treated so bad in my life. They don’t give a damn about human beings. People work for them only because there’s no other option.

by Wanda Rebiejo 3 weeks ago

"They raise their hand and we fix it." Meaning they get fired. Dang.

by Xander Bame 1 month ago

his laugh reminds me of bill gates' smile. scary. the eyes are just messed up.

by True Scotsman 5 days ago

The interviewer in this documentary did a great job - asking hard questions to proponents of both sides of Amazon. Top notch journalism - thank you for posting PBS.

by Redouane Daoud 9 months ago

"Bezos Exposes Pecker" lmao Great clickbait title!

by SVS 3 weeks ago

I feel like I just watched an episode on Satan, especially on a YouTube channel that hires employees who were exposed for say he wants right winged civilians to be put in re education camps!

by YOUTUBERCOMMENTGAL Nunyabiz 2 weeks ago

I think it’s a problem if they have almost 50% of the sales and pay minimal taxes I’m sure. That’s a problem.

by All Lies BStrong 2 weeks ago

Elon Musk right now: Jeff who?

by Henry Lu 4 weeks ago

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