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Friendly with Kevin Rudd!

friendlyjordies photo 1 Friendly with Kevin Rudd! friendlyjordies photo 2 Friendly with Kevin Rudd! friendlyjordies photo 3 Friendly with Kevin Rudd! friendlyjordies photo 4 Friendly with Kevin Rudd!

"Mr Rudd, a content creator specialising in MAFS recaps and Bunnings Sausage reviews who is being sued by Clive Palmer would like to interview you."

by Erin 11 months ago

this should be retitled: Jordan has heart eyes for almost an hour

by Lav Lawrence 10 months ago

This needs to become a regular thing: "Jordan and Kev talk politics". They just need to compress it into a single issue per episode, discussed in the time it takes to eat a Bunnings sausage sandwich.

by Intermernet 10 months ago

hey Jordan, how can I "like" when watching YouTube on android TV. I barely 'like' anything cos I'm a very private person, however you interview with Kevin was so brilliant, informative and gives me so much hope. I'm 61 yrs old and so very disappointed in our Aust politics. I live in Eden and have been through the threat of been burned up and can't believe our governments response. Listening to you gives me a lift, many thanks. Murdoch, take him on, such a dangerous man, needs to be exposed further.

by Laura Dior 10 months ago

No wonder he was ousted. He's able to have an intelligent and articulated conversation, absent party sound bites.

by Deryk Robosson 10 months ago

You can tell jordies was trying so desperately to not go into his voices but he would just let like a sentence of yilmaz out

by A piece of Paper 11 months ago

I just loved how when the Murdoch media said he went to a strip club to damage him, his approval rating went up 🤣🤣

by Daniel Burns 5 months ago

There's something so refreshing about hearing a leader swear so casually.

by thecameronator 7 months ago

I had grown up being told that Kevin Rudd was like hitler. This really changes that.

by Cluck Cluck Productions 6 months ago

When this interview started I was thinking, "Why on earth would a woman throw her underwear at him?" By the end of the interview I was thinking, "Smart woman."

by XDLadyHydrangea 10 months ago

Look, I’m not saying whoever invents time travel should go back in time and assassinate Rupert Murdoch or throw him into a time vortex or something, but I’m also not not saying that

by Aoife Craddock 10 months ago

I'm popping a bottle of champagne when murdoch dies

by Canaan Banana 10 months ago

I'm glad this is being discussed in a medium that is watched by young Australians

by Mistress Werewolf 10 months ago

When I was a kid, I voted against Rudd because I thought labour was bad for the economy. Now, here I am, posting on this channel, trying to increase its traction and undermine the corrupt power of the Murdock media, with the ultimate goal being to get someone like Mr Rudd back in office.
So yeah, change is possible.

by Max Lawson 11 months ago

"Jordythatsbullshit" - Kevin 2020

by V Tr 10 months ago

Can you believe this absolute gem of a human was our countries leader, the Prime Minister of Australia and now 10 years on we have that parasite Scomo bleeding and burning this country dry. Please come back Kevin, we need you!!!

by lukeslayer 5 months ago

Absolutely excellent: more ppl need to hear this. You should edit the important parts about murdoch into a smaller clip to share with the masses of people out there with small attention spans

by RealistKilla 10 months ago

I would vote for Kevin Rudd again if he put his hat in the ring

by Linda Corbett 10 months ago

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