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Fresh photo 1 WHEN PUMPS COME BACK... Fresh photo 2 WHEN PUMPS COME BACK... Fresh photo 3 WHEN PUMPS COME BACK... Fresh photo 4 WHEN PUMPS COME BACK...

Fresh is evolving. His videos are getting better and better. Cograts on 6Mil

Edit: Thanks for 1.8K likes

by The Meme Doctor 2 months ago

I can’t even imagine how fun it is to play with Fresh. What a legend.

by Jamie Trent 2 months ago

I feel like lazarbeam acts like his old self when he is in freshes recording

by ChibiJacob 2 months ago

Us: Playing rags to richest
Fresh: Playing solid gold

by Ethan Hemming 2 months ago

Alternate title: “Lazarbeam’s pump truck”

by Trung Kien 2 months ago

Just a warning: DON’T fall for Vbuck scams! As Fortnite’s loading screen that randomly pops up says: Don’t share your password with anyone. Only you can prevent vbuck scams
Edit: thanks for the likes 😃

by MrMythical 2 months ago

“This is a pump assistance vehicle” 😂

by Iconic Hazel 2 months ago

When fresh said so we’re not dying off the bat he was using Harley Quinn’s bat

by Lil Moose 2 months ago

It's crazy how it said demonitized on the screen, and I got a double ad right after

by AstroKing 2 months ago

Fresh: do you miss this noise

Me: suddenly remembers all the times I've been one pumped by a TTV 😥

by RAVAGE 2 months ago

Fresh: MAN! this pump does like 20 damage!
Pump: -133-

by SmashFrog3D 2 months ago

There are 3 things you can rely on:

Fresh will always say “What’s up guys? Yes” in the intro

by TomZyrone 2 months ago

Alternative title: lazarbeam acts like a hillbilly for 10 minutes

by Aether 2 months ago

Me watching this when it’s actually back and not in a gamemode

by Caden Noble 1 month ago

Pump Shotguns were the best for me personally

by Chaosity 2 months ago

Too the 1% who read this have a blessed day

by NA_Dylan 2 months ago

I though they put pumps in solos duos and stuff like that

by Stanley Flores 2 months ago

I have a challenge idea for u fresh... try not to say THICC in a whole vid

by itsmecolson 2 months ago

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